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10 Summer 2019 Makeup Trends You Need To Get On Board With

10 Summer 2019 Makeup Trends You Need To Get On Board With

Here are 10 summer 2019 makeup trends to look out for. From glowing natural skin, to vibrant pops of colour, check out this list to find your go-to summer look!

Now that we’ve reached 2019, summer is just around the corner. But what look will you be going for in the warmer months? Looking at Fashion Week trends offers insight into what’s going to be big – which includes trends from natural, glowing skin, to bold pops of colour. Check out the list of trends below to find your go-to look for summer 2019.

1. Sunkissed Glow

Following last year’s long and hot summer, a sun-tanned look is shaping up to be one of summer 2019’s major beauty trends. Summery looks were a recurring theme at Fashion Week, as shown by Michael Kors and Alberta Ferretti, with Chanel choosing the beach as its venue. This summer, go relax in the sun and soak up that vitamin D. Switch out winter’s cooler tones with something a litter warmer, and don’t forget the bronzer!

2. Natural Beauty

Natural glowing skin remains to be a beauty staple and it’s easy to see why – clean healthy skin is beautiful. To achieve this look, remember to maintain your skin and keep it in good condition. Definitely moisturise to keep your skin hydrated in the warmer weather. Use minimal makeup, so sheer low-coverage foundation, or just simply opt for concealer. Let your natural beauty shine through this summer!


3. Glitter and Glow

Glitter hasn’t left the beauty community yet. It’s looking to be a summer favourite for eye makeup, adding a pop of colour that brings together your look. This year, rather than packing glitter on your eyelid to go with your eyeshadow, add glitter to the inner corners of your eyes or use it as a winged liner.

4. A Bold Red Lip

A red lip is a timeless classic and will be on trend this summer. Paris Fashion Week brought back the ruby lip despite the popularity of more natural and makeup-free looks. Red was repped by Givenchy, Poiret and Chanel. Chloé, known for its minimal makeup, showed off different shades of berries and burgundy. Stand out in the crowd this summer with a vibrant crimson lip.

5. Big Brows

Big brows aren’t going anywhere as we continue to embrace the groomed bushiness. Bold brows proved to still be in full force, as Fendi, Moschino and Dion Lee proudly displayed.


6. Long Lashes

Lashes are going to be long, thick and clumpy this summer. Mascara-heavy looks were dished out by Tom Ford, Chanel and Prada. Get that volumised look this summer by piling on the mascara – go big or go home right? Alternatively, you can use eyelash extensions from the store or book an appointment at your local beauty salon. Get individual lashed applied if you’re going for a more natural look.

7. Glossy Gloss

Matte is out in the coming months as glossy makeup resurfaces for the summer. Ditch your matte lipsticks for lip gloss and extend the shine to your skin and eyelids with highlighters. Make sure to moisturise your skin to keep it hydrated which is essential for achieving that dewy base and finish.

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8. Bitten Lips

Originating from South Korea, this beauty trend gained international traction when Koché, Paul Costelloe and Fyodor Golan rocked this look on their models. This lip trend focuses on adding a burst of colour to the lips which fades towards the edges. The colour gradient makes your lips appear smudged which look both feminine and sexy.

9. Pretty in Pink

Pink will be a colour staple this summer as blush tones make it to your cheeks, lips and eyes. Monochrome makeup looks using pink powder and rose-tinted lip products are proving to be popular, as shown by Giorgio Armani, Genny and Ulla Johnson.

10. Vibrant Eyes

A major trend for summer will be adding bright pops of colour to your eyes. From rainbow wings and bright eyeshadow to highlighted inner corners and jewelled eyelids. Use colour to bring out the white in your eyes, making your eyes appear both bigger and brighter.


Which of these summer 2019 makeup trends are your favourites? Do you have any predictions for what else will be hot this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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