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10 Subtle Glitter Nails Perfect For Every Occasion

10 Subtle Glitter Nails Perfect For Every Occasion

Glitter nails are hot on trend right now, and with so many variations available, it can be difficult to choose the perfect design for you!

Glitter nails are so in Vogue right now, particularly in the social media loving circles! Glitter nails bring a glamorous edge to your picture-perfect manicure and can be so versatile; there are designs for every occasion, which range from soft and subtle to loud and proud! Here are 10 subtle glitter nails perfect for every occasion!

1) Grey Scheme

You can’t really go wrong with a subtle grey scheme for any occasion. Greys are extremely versatile and match with just about everything. Glitter can be quite loud on the nails if it is paired with lashings of colour. Sticking to a grey scheme lets the glitter speak for itself!

2) Beige Babe

Like grey, beige is a subtle, neutral colour that goes well with anything. Pair it with subtle glitter and you have a winning combination that is perfect for all occasions!


3) Shinin’ Shinin’ Shinin’

If you love full-force glam and want to go all out with your glitter nails, try a sparkly, starry design. This nail will definitely make an impact; one to go for if you love the limelight and want your nails to shine!

4) Subtle Glamour

As pretty as lashings of glitter looks on the nails, it doesn’t always have to be supersaturated or sparkly to be pretty! Soft glitter can be just as beautiful and very versatile, therefore perfect for every occasion!

5) French Manicure

The French manicure is classic, timeless and oh-so-chic! Add a glamorous twist to this classic style by adding glitter to finish off the look. This is the perfect combination to exhibit at any event or occasion!


6) Mauve

Mauve is a beautiful, rich colour that compliments glitter so well – sparkly glitter seems to sit effortlessly on a deep mauve background; the colour seems to really bring out the beauty of the glitter! Although it is quite a deep colour, mauve is also rather neutral and can be worn with a variety of colours.

7) Ombre Glitter Nails

Ombre is super hot right now, being showcased in all areas of beauty from hair, to eyebrows, to eyeshadow and of course, nails! Incorporating ombre in your glitter nail art is a great way of celebrating this exciting current trend! If you do opt for ombre, consider confining the use of glitter to one or two nails per hand so that the two styles don’t clash or look overbearing.


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8) Reverse Glitter

So many glitter nails examples showcase glitter on the tips of the nails. This is a lovely aesthetic, however, if you’re looking for something slightly different and a little bit creative, opt for a touch of glitter on the nail beds for a chic finish.


9) Touch of Glitter

Although glitter nails are all about impact, they don’t always have to be over the top to scream ‘look at me!’ Adding a touch of glitter to the nail beds or the tips, as opposed to saturating the entire nail in glitter, is a beautiful and understated way to add a bit of sparkly glamour to your look without going overboard.

10) Short Nails

Glitter nail art alone is a statement, and displayed on long nails, it can be a step too far for some individuals, particularly if you are quite reserved or prefer a more natural aesthetic. The perfect anecdote to this conundrum is short glitter nails! They still look glamorous and make a statement for all occasions, but they are softer and more natural looking than their lengthier counterparts.


Are you a fan of glitter nails? Which design(s) would you rock for all occasions? Tell us in the comments!

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