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5 Stylish Villains You Need To Emulate RN

Stylish villains are the best. These ladies are endlessly fascinating to watch: impeccably dressed, unpredictable and calculating, they’re the ultimate anti-heroines. Here are 5 stylish villains with looks to kill for!

1. Marie Laveau, American Horror Story

Based on the real-life voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie is one villain you do not want to cross. For starters, she’s pyrokinetic/telekinetic, so frankly if you get on the wrong side of her, you’re toast.

Fond of exacting bloody revenge, Marie endorses a particular brand of justice, one which involves lots of death and screaming. But you know what? She looks sensational.

Covered in arm cuffs, bangles and rings, Marie often works a bold lip colour, killer hair or a beautiful head wrap. This queen clearly makes time in her schedule of murder and mayhem for a shopping spree or two.

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2. Alex Forrest, Fatal Attraction

Yet another of Hollywood’s tone-deaf representations of mental illness, Alex is a successful editor and the main antagonist in this 1987 classic.

Infamous pet rabbit story arc aside, I’d argue the highlight of the movie was Alex’s edgily chic outfits and chunky gold jewellery. She definitely had that 80s power-dressing look down.

Rocking huge hair, kohl-rimmed eyes and cosmopolitan flair, Alex is the horror genre’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw. Light-bulb moment: a movie in which Alex meets Mr. Big. Omg.

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3. The Countess, American Horror Story

That’s right, a second American Horror Story shout-out, but the costumes on that show are drool-worthy. I think I’d sign up to play Corpse #3 on AHS, just to gain access to the wardrobe department.

Lady Gaga’s turn in season 5 of AHS was the visual buffet we’d all been expecting, as she swanned around the creepy Hotel Cortez oozing glamour in a series of phenomenal outfits.

That wonderfully funereal beach outfit, replete with matching black parasol and sunhat. Those Sophia Loren flicks. The bleached eyebrows. Oh, and the diamond studded claws. They were the cherry on the rather gory cake.

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3. May Day, A View To A Kill

Supermodel Grace Jones was an awesome Bond villain. Let’s consider just a few of the stunts her character May Day pulls: a parachute jump off the Eiffel Tower; lifting a fully grown man above her head; ruining her asshole billionaire boyfriend’s master plan. All whilst killing it style-wise.

Jones was offered the opportunity to design her own costumes for the role, and, a girl after my own heart, was inspired by Disney, as she thought Bond Girls were comparable to cartoons.

Featuring strong 80s tailoring, lots of leather and dramatic make-up, May Day’s style had a fabulous theatre to it – I mean, look at this sexy red nun suit (never thought I’d utter that sentence).

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5. Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

The colour cerulean will forever be associated with Meryl Streep’s editor-in-chief, a role she played with such hauteur that one glance seemed capable of triggering an eternal ice age.

Given that the movie is set at Vogue’s headquarters predominantly, it serves up a smorgasbord of costumes so gorgeous I would consider a role as Miranda’s PA, just so I’d have an excuse to dress the part.

The effortlessly coiffured white hair, the glinting jewels…I spent way too long on the internet unsuccessfully attempting to find a ring as magnificent as the eye-popping green beauty Miranda leans on, snarling, in her lair. I think I’ll just stick with my cerulean jumper for now.

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Who are you favourite villainous style icons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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