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10 Stylish Rugs You Need For Your Flat

10 Stylish Rugs You Need For Your Flat

These are some stylish rugs that you're definitely going to want in your new flat! Here is a list of some of the best ones you can buy!

Personally, I absolutely love decorating my flat because it gives me the power to change things up and create a unique atmosphere in my home. I particularly enjoy playing around with somewhat smaller accessories that aren’t very expensive but do a great job of spicing up the house. Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with rugs – small ones, big ones, soft ones, you name it! Check out my list of 10 stylish rugs that you need for your flat to get some inspiration and start redecorating:

1. Jute Round Rug

This rug reminds me of a chocolate chip cookie, which makes it both stylish and cute at the same time. The relatively minimalist design and the neutral colours make this rug the perfect addition to any interior. It’s also round instead of the usual angular shape, which makes it more unique.


2. Star Rug

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with simple designs because they do a great job of fitting into any environment. Check out this stylish rug that comes in four different colours – red, camel, pink, and grey. This rug will look really well in a funky bedroom that’s got lots of posters and other memorabilia.

3. Velvet Vintage Rug

You can’t deny that vintage items are still very trendy, which is why this stylish rug is definitely worth checking out. The slightly faded design and intricate pattern will make your living room much more elegant – it’s certainly a great decor item that will inevitably draw the well-deserved attention.


4. British Swing Rug

I’m sorry, I just had to include this one on the list. The unique feel of this rug will brighten up any room in your flat and make the place seem more fun. With so many colours and a very bold design, you won’t be able to resist this rug next time you’re out shopping.


5. Couture Red Rug

Speaking of bold designs, this stylish rug is definitely one of my personal favourites. The age-old combination of red and black will look incredible in any room in your house. Don’t forget about those beautiful roses – they’ll brighten up your flat and give it that extra edge that it’s been missing.

6. Atlantic Surf Abstract Rug

Abstract art can be really beautiful and this stylish rug is a great testament to that. The seemingly random colourful strokes form a mesmerising image of rushing water that instantly feels your room with a sense of movement. The gorgeous colours also do a fantastic job of brightening up their surroundings and making them more lively. This is one of our favourite stylish rugs!


7. USA Chicago Beige Rug

Can’t decide on a particular animal print for your room? Not to worry, this funky rug will end your deliberations! The quirky combination of zebra, crocodile, cheetah, and other animal prints will lend some vibrancy to your interior and will forever banish all feelings of monotony. It’s a great way to spice up your flat without having to spend a fortune.

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8. Cottage Rug

Have you ever considered a tartan-like design for your living room floor? This simple yet pretty rug will infuse your home with a rustic and homely feel without making it look tasteless. Available in red/white and teal/blue, this rug will make a great addition to a casual interior.


9. Santa Cruz Boardwalk Rug

Available in bronze and grey, this stylish rug is definitely one that you need for your flat. Due to its neutral colours it will fit seamlessly into any interior, no matter how bold. Personally, I prefer the bronze one because it will add a feeling of coziness to your home, whereas the grey one will look better in a more formal setting.

10. Verge Honeycomb Charcoal Rug

This stylish rug has got to be my absolute favourite – it’s just so unique and oddly satisfying. The somewhat strange choice of a honeycomb pattern lends this rug an experimental feel. With such a simple yet appealing design, this rug is the perfect accessory to get for your flat. This is one of the best stylish rugs!


Which of these stylish rugs is your favourite? What kind of rugs do you have at home? Share them with us in the comments below!
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