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5 Styling Hacks To Transform Your Dorm Room

5 Styling Hacks To Transform Your Dorm Room

Do you know a room in need of a serious do-over? These are the styling hacks that you need to know to make any room succeed.

You live, eat, sleep in your dorm room, but that doesn’t mean you should let it show. If your dorm room is giving you the decor dumps, then maybe you just need to catch onto a few styling hacks to transform your room! No one should have to suffer brick walls and ugly carpet for years, so get decorating with this universally endorsed styling tips!

1. Lighting

The best of spaces have huge windows that catch the full-force of the morning sun. Not only does it brighten up a space, it keeps it warm too!

Sadly, universities don’t much car for indulging their students with huge, custom windows. So look elsewhere for a lighting solution.


There are lamps, string lights, and different shaped globes that all play a role transforming the lighting in your room – but transform they do. Ensuring you have the right lighting can take the shadows from a room, in whatever shape you prefer.

2. Rugs

Whether you have hardwoods, carpet, or some ugly lino on your floors – rugs are an essential ingredient when styling a room.

They add colour, texture, and are just kinda funky. If you didn’t realise you needed a rug this badly, then reconsider!


There are jute rugs for the coastal aesthetics, “Aztec” prints for the bohemian crowd. And fluffy rugs are a win with everyone! There’s seriously nothing better than stepping out of bed and onto a soft, fuzzy floor, and we all deserve a little lux in our lives!

3. Useless Decor

Useless decor really ain’t that useless. Think that giant piece of quartz doesn’t serve a purpose? What about those three books you’ve never read but look pretty? How about that collection of nerdy figurines you’re hoarding?

Consider taking out all the small things in your room, and you’ll see just how truly barren it can be without them. Adding small trinkets from home, or sparkly crystals, candles, book-ends, and figurines, will add personality to any room.


And that’s what it’s about, right? Making your dorm room yours.

4. Indoor Plants

Have you heard about them? Yes. Do you have enough of them? No such thing.

Indoor plants are a must-have, for more than one reason. Firstly – and chiefly – it’s because they’ve been a tried and true decorating accessory in interior design for years now. Sure, it’s a trend, but it’s one that’s lasted longer than any other.

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Jute rugs may fade, and mid-century design might return to the 50s – but plants are here to stay, because they are easily the most versatile of decorating accessories. They go with any design aesthetic, add colour and life to any space, have been linked to promoting cleaner air indoors, and improving your mental health.

Go ahead and Google it if you don’t take my word for it.


5. Cushions

You might think that all you need on your dorm room bed is a pillow in a boring, off-white pillowcase. Wrong!

For the love of God, please put some cushions in your room! The goal for any room is that you should walk in and feel at home; cozy and comfortable. And thinking of comfort, is there anything that speaks to that more than the humble cushion?

The best part is how easily this styling hack can compliment any style – because there are so many types of cushions out there. There isn’t just one shape, colour or texture to adhere to!


The best of all styling hacks are the ones with the most versatility!

What are your favourite styling hacks? Share them in the comments!

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