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10 Style Instagram Stars From London That You Need To Follow

10 Style Instagram Stars From London That You Need To Follow

London's best style instagram accounts!

London has become the ‘it’ place to be an style Instagram star. Being one of the best cities in the world it allows many to become the biggest and brightest, but what do these bloggers have to offer? Here’s a selection of the 10 style Instagram stars that you need to be following right now. Yes, I mean right now so GO!

1. Richard Biedul (@richardbiedul)

A menswear model and influencer it’s clear to see why Richard Biedul is a hit. Another straight cut, polished fashion influencer his outfits are well put together. Some might hail him as a God for his ability to pull off linen in the Summer (one for the few and not the many) but also how he still looks great in a beanie when it’s a little chilly (some of us can dream!)

2. Soraya Bakthiar (@sorayabakhtiar)

With a degree in Fashion Journalismm, and a past working for the likes of Tank magazine and Elle, we can be sure that Soraya’s opinion is to be trusted. Albeit, who is living in London, has strong connections with the Middle East and is a frequent traveller alongside her extensive wardrobe.

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3. Joey London (@joeylondonstyle)

His love of fashion combines with culture and art in his blog. His flair for photography (he even has a drone!) and YouTube success only makes his blog the one to watch. A lover of high street fashion means it is so much easier (and cheaper) to copy his style.

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Days out in the Lon Don

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4. Lucy Williams (@lucywilliams02)

Hailing from West London, Lucy Williams features her effortless yet understated style which many others, adore! But that’s not all, she also showcases her love of travel and a book collection that has an English Literature student (like myself) very jealous!

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I’ve lost my…. Found it. 💅🏼 #Everyday

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5. Framboise Fashion (@srhmikaela)

The women behind Framboise Fashion, Sarah Mikaela, is fantastic at what she does and there is no denying her creative imagery and artistic direction. The clothes are just one element but what really makes this blog stand out is her ability to draw you in with her words. Well, it certainly worked on me! We love this style instagram account!

6. Lyndsey Holland (@ropesofholland)

Lyndsey is a physiotherapist and fashion blogger. Recent to the London blogging scene it won’t take long for Ropes of Holland to wow the many. If you’re a fan of oversized shirts, and ripped denim (I certainly am) then she’s your girl!

7. Camille Charriere (@camillecharriere)

There is no one I wish I was as cool as other than Camille Charriere. Her outfits do a look a little mismatched but there is a reason behind every choice. There’s nothing like a little colour clash here and there!

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Gotta catch em all

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8. Susie Bubble (@susiebubble)

There is nothing like a different yet innovative take on the modern instagram style; and who better to go for your fix than to Susie Bubble? You’ll see her front row at all the fashion shows and as a globally recognised face in the industry, she is deffo one to be following.

9. Lisa Aiken (@lisa.aiken)

The one and the only Lisa Aiken is not to be missed. And yes, she is the Fashion Director of one of the top brands, Net-A-Porter. Do we need to take her advice? We certainly do, she didn’t get to where she is without being a style savvy  fashionista!

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Vacations are always too short @mango #MANGOgirls

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10. Frédérique Harrel (@freddieharrel)

A French native who has lived in London for the past 5 years, Frederique is becoming increasingly well known. Her style Instagram is bountiful with colour, prints and patterns galore and I can’t get enough. If she didn’t already impress you enough, she hosts talks on how to become more confident. Wonderful!

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The usual nausea and cramps amplified by that time of the month, the stingy cold sore induced by the time zone hoping, and the exhaustion of it all that can't keep the ‘not-good-enough band wagon’ out, and that sheds extra light on what could or should have been done instead of giving it to the badassness that has already been served 😎 – how do we shake off these days though?! That's usually when the bold prints and/or the sequins come out of my costume lair🎉 because more than how you feel, your intentions really hold power over your day. When I start low, I spend a good moment in the morning visualising how well can the day turn out (starting by debunking every worry one by one, like no girl, this one is very farfetched 😅 and NO this won't happen either, you're good!) how I can squeeze in exciting things (like stuffing my face with fries, reading a few pages, a face mask, texting a friend a good meme, or good ol' Netflix) and my outfit comes as extra support, cause if I can't feel special on my own, dripping in colours or sparks will definitely help! Bottom line is, if you usually dress down on grey days, try channeling your inner magical self, have fun bringing out your most dazzling outfits (and chuck in trainers or a denim jacket to keep it casual 😎) clash prints and colours, and whenever a negative thought pops in focus on the fun that can be had and remember that you are the sole creator of your experiences. Stay negative and they'll stay negative. Thrive for purpose and happiness, and reap giggles and achievements (and more carbs, carbs are fun) 💃🏾🙌🏾 [TAP for outfit details – all relatively current but the trainers😘😘] 📷: @lafilledu12eme_photography

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So, there you have it! Our favourite London style instagram accounts! Which style account do you adore?

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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