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Studying Hacks That Will Motivate You

Studying Hacks That Will Motivate You

This helpful list of studying hacks is a useful guide on how to motivate yourself to study better when Uni gets too stressful for you!

Are you sick of studying non stop every day and you realise you haven’t retained any information? This is why this helpful guide will help you study and will motivate you.

Take Breaks

We are all guilty of saying we’ll study when in reality we read a paragraph of a text book and then go and watch Netflix shows for the next four and a half hours. It’s pretty easy to get distracted. But what’s important is that you have short breaks because our brains work best when we study for 30-40 minutes at a time. Having quick bursts of study time will help you retain information easily because we don’t get bored and start drifting off.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s true what they say – practice does make perfect. Apparently, you’re 50% more likely to remember things if you say them aloud. So next time you’re in a study funk, remember to say your answers aloud so you can remember them easily.


Cheat Sheets

We’ve all created cheat sheets as a hack for studying but what is the best way to create them? Well, using coloured pens and making the cheat sheets a project is more likely to help you remember things because you associate the answer with a colour.


Sometimes we just need a little extra help, so downloading a study app is a great study hack to test yourself for exams. Some study apps include Quizlet, Linguee and Photomath. These apps can help you concentrate more on questions and helps you retain more information while doing something fun.

Reward Yourself

When you complete a certain module of study or sit an exam, reward yourself with a treat such as some chocolate, a cinema trip or a magazine. You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel each time you complete a study task which will make you want to study harder. This hack is a really good one for trying to motivate yourself to do that last bit of revision!



Plan out your day and make sure to get your studying done early so you can have the rest of the day to yourself. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve done a hard days work early so you don’t have to worry about it the night before an exam.

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Study Buddy

Having a study buddy is a great studying hack and a way of testing each other on questions and you’ll find that other people have different methods on how to study which may come in handy in the future.



If you prefer a noisy setting, why not create yourself a study playlist of songs that relax you? You’ll find you feel more relaxed and ready to start studying with more determination.

Take Care Of Yourself

There’s only so much studying you can do in a day and it’s hard for anyone who’s taking exams to try and relax. Make sure you’re taking care of your mental and physical health. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water and sleep as much as you can. Your body and mind is more important than passing an exam.

We hope you found some tips and hacks here to help you study with more motivation!
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