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10 Student Apps That Are EXTREMELY Helpful

10 Student Apps That Are EXTREMELY Helpful

There are so many student apps that you can download to your phone that are full of information to help you with classes, work, and more! Get these apps today!

Though you might be struggling for space on your phone after the essentials like Snapchat, Instagram and Uber, you could make your life that important bit easier with some of these apps. Aside from just food, fashion and fitness, these apps will focus on your self-improvement, for absolutely no money at all. There are plenty of good student apps out there, but this is a small selection of some great ones.

1. Forest: Stay Focused

Sometimes you can’t afford to turn off your phone, but you don’t want to stay glued to the screen watching Love Island clips either. Not only will this app keep you focused on your work, but it can keep you off your phone when you’re with your mates too. This cute app is designed to boost your productivity with visual representations of how hard you’ve worked in the form of trees! The longer you stay off your phone, the more your trees grow. This works well because you don’t want to be a tree killer, do you?

2. 8fit Tailored Meals and Workouts

Who needs a personal trainer when this app will combine nutrition and fitness for you. 8fit will motivate you with updates on new workouts designed specifically for you and will help you plan your meals so that healthy eating becomes a breeze, and working out on the go becomes part of your lifestyle- never miss a session again.


3. The Guardian

So your choice of news app will vary depending on where you fall on the political spectrum, but a news app is a must if you don’t want to be ostracized as a pleb in your social circles. News apps do not only keep you generally informed but will also update you on crucial events that could affect you and those you know. Handy updates will give you the latest headlines so you never miss out on what’s going on.

4. Shpock

Hunt for bargains in your local area and get rid of your unloved items and turn possible trash into potential treasure. Shpock will let you sell your items and search for goodies at ridiculously good prices.

5.Money Manager

Being a student and having some financial freedom for the first time in your life can be exciting, but can also lead to frivolity, and when your eyeballs deep into your overdraft at the end of every month, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on your spending. Money Manager will sort out your categories of spending and can record any sources of income too. This is one of the best student apps for a broke uni student.


6. Zomato

If you want to take a break from budget meals at home, use Zomato. Find a restaurant, bar or café to suit your cravings, complete with location, reviews and the menu!

7. Splitwise

Remember that Uber fare you forgot to share on the app? Or that 2am trip to McDonalds you forked out for with friends that promised to pay you back? Or that shared Netflix account with an ex that you now refuse to pay for? Use Splitwise to keep tabs on all your balances and even send reminders if people haven’t paid you back yet! It’s a great app for flatmates and households. Honestly, you could save yourself from so many arguments.

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8. MyStudyLife

You can access MyStudyLife online too, but the handy app will help you get all your studies on track. This online planner will organise your class schedules, exams and any other general day to day tasks you might have, making it perfect for work or play. It’s the ultimate online planner, and its beautiful colour-coding will even meet your slightly neurotic criteria.

9.Student Beans

Discounts and free stuff. Why wouldn’t you get an app like this? You can use Student Beans abroad too, making sure you’re always saving so you can splash out elsewhere. Search your favourite brands and make savings where you wouldn’t even expect them. You’re only a student for a limited number of years- take advantage of them!




Whether it’s Latin vocab, political theories or obscure anatomy terms, Quizlet will make you revision cards and even share your notes with your friends (or get them to share theirs with you hehe). Find notes from people online who share your subjects and test yourself using the online games, completely paper-free, in case you’re one for losing your notes. This is one of the best student apps for studying!

Are you ready for these student apps to save your life? Let us know if you download any in the comment section below!

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