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5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

In this day and age of technology there are apps everyone needs to survive, especially students! Here are 5 holy-grail apps that will help you!

In this day and age of technology, there are apps everyone needs to survive, especially students! There are student apps for anything from keeping your hands off your phone to scoring the sweetest discount on your new laptop. Here are 5 holy-grail apps that will help you through your first year of University.

University App (Must Have)

Your University app is the first possible app you’ll download as soon as you set foot on campus. Depending on how developed the app is, it should at it’s core, be able to notify you of any changes to your day or emergencies on campus. If you need to travel into university, this app is strongly recommended so that you don’t waste any time coming in if your class has been cancelled or a fire broke out. If your University app has more to it, you’ll be able to track your classes, exams and have access to your grades. This is the most important app to have if you want to survive at Uni.


This is the FREE student app designed to help you save money and keep track of all the lovely discounts you get because you made the brave decision to go to Uni! Sign in with your University email and get great discounts anywhere from your new laptop, Apple music straight down to your meal out! Check out this app whenever you feel you can get a great deal or discount to make sure your money stretches while you’re studying.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

Forest – Stay focused

Use Forest to tackle your phone habits. This is a great app for anyone who need to stay on top of their productivity. With the basic version, you can grow bushes and trees by putting your phone on a timer. During that time you cannot use your phone or you risk killing the tree! You can also donate to plant real trees to reverse the damaging effects of deforestation! With the full-version, you can track how long you spend on your phone to help you curb any bad habits and customise the trees! This app is a must have for those who struggle to focus and want to stay on-top of their studies.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

Google Docs

Google Docs is an obvious essential for those with Android devices and Chromebooks. The best thing about it? It’s completely free! If you want to save money as a student and don’t wish to pay a monthly fee for Microsoft Office, Google Docs is just as good, if not better and you can save all of your work to the cloud to access it from any of your devices synced to your Google account. You can share your documents and power-points with multiple people who can access and edit it while you’re working on it, making it a great tool for workshops and group tasks.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs


This is an interesting habit tracker. For millions of people, going away to University is the ultimate freedom. Away from home, you can do what you want when you want but it also fosters some bad habits that aren’t the easier to curb, especially when it comes to living with others. This is the most interesting habit-tracker int the Google Play Store. It treats your chores/aspiring habits like a video game so you that you gain exp and levelling up in-game and irl! Keep ahead of tasked so they never pile up and create a healthy and steady habit of staying organised!

Another option for those that don’t fancy video games is Fabulous: Self Care.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

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Bonus Apps!

Todait – Smart Study Planner

Keeping on top of your studies should be your first priority as a student even if all of the Freshers/Back to Uni parties distract from that. A study planner is a great app to use to plan out your study times, book study sessions at the library and keep your grades up.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

Money Manager

Track your student finances and spending with this free and easy to use app! If you’ve pulled out a student loan, opened up a student bank account and want to keep on top of your spending, apps like these are handy for planning out your month or semester and staying out of the red.

5 Student Apps Every New Student Needs

Do you have any student apps to help you survive at Uni? Would you download a productivity app or a habit tracker? Let us know down in the comments!

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