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8 Struggles Only People Who Hate Social Interactions Will Understand

8 Struggles Only People Who Hate Social Interactions Will Understand

Social interactions aren't for everyone. For some they can be downright torturous. Here are eight struggles people who struggle with social interactions will know all too well.

Hi, my name is Leora and I am an extroverted introvert. This means that when I’m with people I will seem loud, confident and probably hilarious, but deep down would much rather be alone in my room and for this social interaction to be over. Here are eight struggles anyone who hates social interactions will understand all too well.

1. You Would Rather Be Alone In Your Room

You would much rather be alone in your room than doing anything remotely social. It’s not that you don’t like people, it’s just that you can’t be bothered. The only talking you’re happy doing it to yourself.

2. You Relate To Animals More Than People

You’re that person who will find the animal at a party and sit with it under a table for hours. You love your pet’s sense of humour way more than your flatmate’s and you both think that she’s a bit of a dweeb anyway.


3. You Always Seem To Be In Trouble With Your Friends

Although you do come out and do make an effort to grace them with your presence, you constantly seem to be getting berated for not doing enough. Can’t they see that you’re doing the best you can? It’s not that you don’t like hanging out with them, it’s just that you don’t like the same stuff that they and most other people your age do, like going out and meeting other socially minded people.

4. It’s Not That You Don’t Want To Do Anything At All

People get this distinction wrong all the time. It’s not that you have a blanket mantra that all social interactions are terrible, it’s just that you prefer doing quieter and more demure things with close friends. Never a club, always the pub and hopefully not even that.

5. Bumping Into Acquaintances Is possibly The Worst Thing Ever

Like seriously ever. There’s that moment where you have to decide in a split second whether you’re going to pretend you haven’t seen them, smile, nod curtly and pretend you’re in a hurry, or stop and say hello. Don’t ever pretend you don’t know them, it doesn’t make them go away any faster and is truly, truly worse. Trust me.


6. You Like Yourself More On Social Media

You shouldn’t, because it’s probably not true, but you feel like you’re way more hilarious when it’s not in person. What’s more is you can edit or delete anything you say if you decide it’s not funny enough or was actually just a massive faux pas. You just can’t do that in person and that sucks.

7. People Just Annoy You

It’s not really their fault, I guess. But they just do. They require you to spend your time being social with apparently no regard for your painful aversion to social interactions. And they usually ask stupid questions too.

You on the outside:


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You on the inside:


8. But Too Many Of Them Don’t Seem To Get That

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because others annoyingly mistake your reserved manner for you being desperately cool, but for some reason they still try to talk to you and be your friend anyway. And it’s seriously irksome.

Basically, you’re kind of a dick. But it’s okay, because I understand you and I understand the pains you go through every time someone takes their headphones out to say hello, every time the doorbell rings or every time your friend decides to have a party that you have to go to. I don’t know how to help I’m afraid, but at least you know you’re not alone.


Have you got any more additions to add to this list of struggles people who hate social interactions go through? Let us know in the comments section below!

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