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10 Tips And Tricks For Stress-Free Travel

10 Tips And Tricks For Stress-Free Travel

If you are like me and go to university far from home, than you know the hassle of traveling. From past experiences I collected a few travel tips to make the long journey a little more bearable. So dust off your suitcases and check out my 10 tips for stress-free travel!

Weeks Prior To Your Trip

1. Check all the travel documents you require.

Scrounge up all the travel documents you might require for your intended destination. These may include visas, passports or any permits. Knowing this information beforehand can help you plan accordingly and have everything ready.

get all your travel documents ready


2. Look for deals on your travel.

I recently moved to a university miles away from home, and I really miss my friends. We planned to meet up over the summer, and so far, the trip is taking a toll on our wallets. I learned that instead of going through an agent or settling for the cheapest flight, there are deals online to help you get the most out of your holiday. This can come in the form as a group package, which would be cheaper especially if you are travelling in a large group.

3. Stick to one airline.

If you are a travel junkie like I am, loyalty to one airline will pay off. Airlines such as Emirates, Turkish or Ethiopian tend to have deals for loyal customers. You accumulate points as you travel, or get a loyalty card which you can earn rewards from. In the long term you will save tons of money!

Stick to one airline

4. Buy your travel and activity tickets months before your intended travel.

I am on a student budget, and my guilty pleasure is travelling. Obviously this limits where I can go. At least that’s what I used to think; until I came across this really handy tip. Purchasing your tickets months in advance is extremely cost effective as you avoid last minute price hikes. It also gives you an idea of what you can do to help you plan your vacation, instead of expensive impromptu activities. This is effective in organising your trip and helping your budget.

Buy your ticket months in advance

Days Before Your Trip

5. Check the weather of where you intend to visit.

Nothing is worse than arriving in your dream destination with the wrong attire. This happened to me a couple of summers ago. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed shopping for a winter wardrobe, but it certainly slowed down the holiday. This could easily be avoided if you check the weather online and pack accordingly.


Check the weather before you travel and pack

6. Make sure any electronics are working and charged.

Especially for long trips, which have technology checks, it is essential to have all of your electronics fully functioning and charged. It also makes it easier to have a working phone for when you arrive, or a laptop to keep you busy while you wait in transit.

Charge all of your devices


7. Plan a travel playlist.

Music has the power to set the mood for anything, including your vacation. If you are going for vacation to relax or party, set yourself in the mood by planning your music. Let your favorite artists ease you into your vacation throughout your travel and keep you grooving the whole time.

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8. Notify your bank, your job and your family.

Firstly, notify your bank to avoid financial trouble if you plan on traveling abroad. It would be terrible to be stranded because your bank suspected fraud. Secondly, notify your job before leaving so there isn’t a misunderstanding with your employer. Lastly, notify your family just so they are aware of your whereabouts. In case of any trouble abroad, they will be able to locate you.

let people know about your travel plans before you leave

Hours Before Your Travel

9. Have money, will travel.

Currencies such as US dollars or English pounds are accepted worldwide, which help when you arrive at your destination. For example, have some money to pay for a taxi or to use the payphone. Airport forex bureaus tend to have extremely high exchange rates, so to avoid it, have some change to get you to the hotel or into town to find better forex bureaus.


make sure you have money

10. Have a comfortable travel outfit.

If your journey is anything like mine, by the time you arrive at your destination, you are sweaty and extremely tired. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel at ease can alter your mood drastically. This doesn’t mean you can’t look good. Rock your favorite sweat pants, glam it up with your leather jacket and a nice crop top.

Wear a comfortable outfit when traveling


Do you have any other tips for stress-free travel? Share in the comments!

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