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8 Strange But Funny Moments Every Couple Experiences

8 Strange But Funny Moments Every Couple Experiences

Sooner or later in a relationship, you get so comfortable around each other that you unleash your wild side - and that's when the funny moments happen!

Let’s face it, being in a relationship is not for the faint-hearted, or for those with no sense of humour. The hilariously awkward moments grow as you and your partner’s relationship blossoms. We’re only human, we do strange but funny things all of the time and our partners are now there to be a part of those. Here are 8 strange but funny moments every couple experiences.

1. Cabin Fever Kookiness

The funny moment when you and your partner have both been cooped up in the house together for far too long, doing nothing, and you’re starting to go a little nuts. You giggle uncontrollably at things that aren’t even that funny, but you both find it hilarious, belt out songs totally off pitch, you sing-narrate what you’re doing even if you’re just cooking some pasta, break out the ridiculous dance moves and lastly, you annoy the crap out of your partner just for fun. Then you both pass out from having way too much fun together.

2. Sharing Ridiculous Confessions That Are Hilarious

You know the funny moment when you and your partner are laying in bed, it’s 2 in the morning and you start making confessions that sound like you’ve smoked way too much weed. Yeah, they’re that strange and hilarious. You share stuff like how you enjoy closing the silverware drawer with a pelvic thrust, how you pretend you’re a Jedi when walking through automatic doors, how you pretend to be a rabbit when you eat carrots. Totally weird shit. Your partner proceeds to laugh at you and call you crazy, then they share their own weird confessions.


3. When Something Goes Wrong During Sex

Whether the condom goes flying across the room, a strange noise or fluid occurs, someone gets a cramp or someone walks in on you guys uninvited, it’s obviously hilarious. It should be awkward AF, but you and your partner are too busy laughing to feel embarrassed. Which is how it should be! Sex with your partner should be full of funny moments.

4. The First Unsuspecting Fart

As much as we hate it, we as humans, are balls of disgusting secretions and gasses. I know, it sucks! As horrifying as it is to let out the first unsuspecting fart with your partner, it is a funny moment that every couple experiences! And it’s hilarious. So don’t stress if you let out some unwanted gas with your partner, because it is a natural human function and it happens. Just laugh about it and move on, sister!

5. You Realise You’re Way Too Close

Eventually, most couples reach the point where they will fart in front of each other, vocalise when they need to poop, pee in front of each other and pop one another’s pimples without batting an eyelash. Yep, that’s a whole lot of strange and closeness.

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6.  You Embarrass Each Other In Public

You and your partner are out on a date, enjoying a nice candle-lit dinner. You decide to ruin the moment and eat like a pig, get food all over your face, talk to your partner really loudly or let out your most hideous laugh to embarrass them. It’s a funny moment every couple needs to experience. It only makes your relationship stronger.

7. Text One Another From Across The Room

The funny moment when you realise you and your partner are lazy AF. You’re sitting in the same room and you send your partner a text to get you a snack from the cupboard, or you text your partner whilst they’re on the toilet because you’re bored out of your mind. I mean, you could actually talk to one another, but apparently, that’s way too much effort.


8. You Tell Really, Really Inappropriate Jokes

The funny moment when you realise you and your partner tell the most inappropriate jokes behind closed doors. You don’t joke like that with anyone else because you know they wouldn’t get it. But you and your partner find each other’s naughty jokes absolutely hysterical.

Let us know which funny moments you and your partner have experienced in the comments section below!

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