10 Male Stereotypes You Find On Tinder

10 Male Stereotypes You Find On Tinder

If you’ve ever been on Tinder for more than one day you will soon come to realise the types of (in my case) guys that you always seem to come across. I don’t know if this is the same for the ladies as I’ve never swung that way but in terms of men, they will unfortunately fit into at least one of these 10 categories of stereotypes that you find on Tinder.

Don’t let this put you off though girls; there’s usually one that you’ll be able to stand.

1. The Wuu2 Guy

This guy is one of the worst; he’ll continuously randomly pop up, usually during the nighttime hours just to ask what you are up to. What does he think you’re up to?! You’re obviously slobbing out in bed bingeing Netflix but you obviously don’t tell him that. No, instead you say something along the lines of “just chilling” or “not much, you”; not only is the conversation painfully dry but you know fully well what he’s popping up to you in the middle of the night for.


The cheap booty call, where he doesn’t even try to put together a decent conversation because in reality, he doesn’t care what you have to say. So screw him, nice try but it’s a no from us.

2. The Chat-Up Line Guy

The cheesiest of them all; why any guy thinks it’s remotely charming to come up with some cringey chat up line such as “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see” is beyond me; they have no clue whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong, some girls may melt at these lines that the guy has probably found on Google but the majority of us pull the same face as when we suck on a lemon.


3. The Snapchat Guy

The one who’s too eager. You have gotten through a ten minute conversation on Tinder with a guy and then he thinks it’s an appropriate time to ask for your Snapchat username… Funny that though, we all know the real reason they are asking for your Snapchat but all you’re going to send them is snaps of your dog.

4. The Superliker Guy

Is it just me or are super-likes a bit too much? I mean it’s nice that they are wasting their one-a-day on you but is swiping right not enough? You already question whether you should speak to them if they pop up because you don’t want too much of a keen bean.


5. The Friend Zone Guy

There’s always that guy who you totally fancy on Tinder and you get a little giddy every time they speak to you but you just know deep down that you are 1000000% friend zoned. You deny it to yourself but his rubbish replies of disinterest are definitely giving it away and you just don’t want to believe it.

Keep swiping girl and you’ll find someone who’s actually interested.

6. The Very Sweet Guy

You continue to talk to this guy because at the end of the day, you feel bad for them because they are ridiculously sweet. Too sweet that you’ll ever be interested because you apparently don’t like somebody who’s clearly genuine and too sweet that you’ll ever start ignoring him because that’s just cruel.


So basically, you tend to give him a nice little conversation every now and then just so you don’t have to be mean, even though you’re undoubtedly leading him on.

7. The “No” Guy

Why is there that one person who just won’t give up? As flattered as you are, you’ve told him that you’re the opposite of interested but he just won’t take that as an answer. So, you end up having to ignore him time and time again… Get the hint, man.

8. The Boring Guy

You’ll often come across a good looking guy on Tinder who you swipe right to and then pray you get that notification that you’ve matched. Then, when he does finally match with you after you’ve already pictured your babies together, you cannot wait until he pops up. Or you end up taking the reigns this time to find out he literally has the personality of a potato.

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We’re talking one worded replies that make you want to cry with boredom but you continue to give them the benefit of the doubt and salvage what’s left of the conversation… Until you finally give up.

Say your goodbyes to his pretty face.


9. The Matching Guy

Those annoying people (I doubt it’s just guys) who match with you but never ever speak to you. Yes, you can go ahead and send the first message yourself but sometimes you want to keep it cool and technically, if they’re the second one to swipe right so you match then it should be down to them.

Grow some balls, dude.


10. The Rare Guy

This is the one who sticks. You might be on Tinder for a bit of fun, someone to chat to or just to have a gander at who’s about but sometimes, only sometimes you will come across an unexpected somebody who you just can’t shake off; in a good way.

They will change your opinion on the whole app, make every painful conversation you’ve had in the past worth it and just make always make you smile. I really do hope all of you lovely ladies who are using Tinder today find that rare guy.

Have you come across any of these male Tinder stereotypes? Or has your swiping found another one to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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