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8 Stereotype You Find In Every Workplace

8 Stereotype You Find In Every Workplace

8 Stereotype You Find In Every Workplace

There are certain individuals in every workplace that you can pin as being stereotypical; if you’ve had more than one job then you will be able to vouch for this and agree that these colleagues can be the reasons behind you finding it hard to get out of bed most days. Today’s article is going to address 8 of those stereotypes we find in every workplace that either drive us to quit or make us stay.

1. The Bossy One

The first stereotype is one of the most common; the one who likes to thinks they are your boss. Well, this person is definitely one who drives you up the wall and they will usually be found hibernating until your boss is out of sight and then it’s their time to shine. You purposely don’t want to obey their orders so the power doesn’t go to their heads.

Apparently because your boss has given them all responsibility if they are ever absent this also includes when they’re only leaving the room. Unfortunately for them, this person has no clue that everybody is biting their tongue when they open their bossy mouths.


2. The Chatty One

This one is usually lovely but just terribly annoying. Usually has an accent or voice box that you can’t understand for the life of you so you find yourself confusingly nodding along to whatever they have to say.

These stereotypical colleagues are innocently annoying so you can never let them know you want to scream at them to shut up which means making a lot of effort to just smile and awkwardly laugh to make sure you don’t offend them.

3. The Weird One

There’s always one colleague who you just can’t pin-point, you never know what scarily weird thing is going to come out their mouths next. You keep a fair distance without them noticing you’re trying to exit the conversation and in all honesty, they are pretty creepy.


However, when you hear someone bad mouthing them you can’t help but stand up for them because they can’t help being weird.

4. The Suck Up

This person is the most irritating of them all; maybe there’s a promotion coming up or your boss just needs more of a hand and then you have that one colleague who tries to brown-nose their way in.

I’m talking complimenting them, bringing them tea and coffee and taking the work load off of them and the sad thing is, these individuals have no clue their boss is trying very hard not to lose their sh*t.


5. The Quiet One

This stereotype is the equivalent to a mouse. They always keep to themselves and never want to get involved in any conversation. They are very timid, nice people but you’re always wondering in the back your mind if they are plotting something against all of you.

6. The Gossip

Quite the opposite to the last; this stereotype doesn’t like to shut up. They will feed off any kind of drama being the gossip vampire they are; they might be the first there when you’re a little upset or overwhelmed but nine times out of ten they are going to tell someone as soon as they wipe your last tear away.

You just pray they do not tell your boss so they don’t know the ins and outs of your feelings but as soon as you walk into that office; you can sense that tension of betrayal.

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7. The Slacker

You find yourself questioning regularly how this particular person still has a job. They will do the bare minimum in any task and seem to just get away with it again and again. How? Maybe they’re  the favourite or maybe they just know how to play the game and make it look like they are being productive when actually they do absolutely nothing worthwhile.

They will pick the easiest tasks and most of the time you will catch them chatting with your boss or anyone they can find so they are quite literally getting paid to have a chinwag. Don’t you just hate that stereotype?


8. The Know-It-All

Time to end this article on a stereotype that makes your blood boil. No matter how much training or studying you have done to get where you are it’s just never enough; they always have pointers or ways for you to improve that angers you because you know fully well you’ve done it the best you can.

They will always have the answers to the questions your boss asks and they will probably always get them right. If you feel like you’re in some constant competition you might as well quit now because you’ll always be a loser up against the know-it-all.

Although I’ve done 8 stereotype’s there is just one more I would like to mention who is the one to get you through your dark work days; The Best Friend. This person is who gets you through most of your shifts; yes, you may have a little gossip with them but most importantly, they are always there to cheer you up and they always have your back.


Do any of these stereotypes sound familiar at your workplace? Or do you have any to add to the list? Let us know in the comments and just hope none of your colleagues see!

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