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10 Steps You Need To Follow To Plan A Perfect Road Trip

10 Steps You Need To Follow To Plan A Perfect Road Trip

10 Steps You Need To Follow To Plan A Perfect Road Trip

Nothing is as breath-taking than standing in front of your favourite view after driving around thousands of miles, thinking about how you got there. How many times did we saw in the movies a road trip we were dying to take? Well, it is time to pack your bags, girls -not too many cases though, and start planning your first road trip. We put down for you ten easy steps to follow when organising a road trip.

Pick a date

Timing is everything, so you need to pick a date and stick with it. Committing to a road trip is the hardest part, especially if it is a group of you, as everyone is busy with their life. Also, not a lot of people love the idea of sleeping in a car for an extended period. But, let’s take for granted that you will go with friends that are actually excited about a road trip.Once you agree on a date, mark your calendar with a red sharpie and never back down.


Money is always a problem when organising any holiday. Set a budget and try to stick with it, remember that you will be away for a minimum 10-15 days, so sort out your priorities. The best way is to book most hotels or B&B before the road trip, you will have then the time to save up more money for the actual trip.


Map out WHERE you want to go

When we imagine a road trip, we always think we can go wherever. The truth is that you will need at least a few checkpoints. I know, the whole point of a road trip is that can be adventurous and take unexpected turns, but it is also important to set some places to definitely stop along the way. By doing so you will enjoy the freedom to drive around and discover amazing sights, but also keep the goal in mind.

Pack your things

Okay, now girls I will need your complete attention because I am about to say something crazy but essential: PACK LIGHT. Take with you just the things you cannot leave without. Leave at home your hair curl, hairdryer and computer. Pack your favourite shorts and t-shirts, and some nice outfit if you girls will have a night out. Do not pack your car with useless things as at the beginning might look good but after a week it will turn into a collection of trash and lost belongings.


Along with some unhealthy midnight munchies, bring with you a lot of healthy snacks (carrots, nuts and wheat crackers). The best thing you and your girls can do is have a stroll in Sainsburys or Tesco before your road trip and stock up. You can pick some wine or beers to open once you arrive at your destination. Don’t forget to buy water. During a road trip, it is essential to drink water.


Do your research

Before you go for a road trip search for everything you can about the places you will be visiting, their locals and their rules. Depending on your budget you might be spending only one night, sometimes maybe even just an afternoon, so it is important you will be able to make the most of each location.

Pick up sporting goods

Remember what I said about packing light? Here is why: you should definitely bring tents, sleeping bags and hiking shoes (along with your nice trainers of course). An emergency road kit would always be useful. I would advise keeping these things in the trunk as you won’t always need them.

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Create a road book

List the s**t out of this road trip! Every small insignificant thing should be noted down. Do you have enough knickers? Check your list! But also use this list for useful reminders (not that your knickers aren’t). Start with flights time and the hotels you will be staying in each place. Then note down restaurant and pubs and other information you might need during your road trip. Remember not everywhere you will go the Wi-Fi will be with you, so think about this roadbook as your google.

Check your car

I am taking for granted that one of you girls have a driving licence. This might alarm you, but during the road trip, you might run into some car problems. Although it is almost inevitable it can be avoided if you get your car checked. Make sure you also have a spare tire, jack etc.

Have fun on the road

After planning this road trip, the last and more important tip is: have fun. This is a one lifetime experience, so do not get too caught up in following the plan and keep an open mind. You and your girls will have the time of your lives.


Have you ever been on a road trip? Comment with your own experience!

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