Why You Should Stay Single In Edinburgh

While being single may not always be looked at in the most positive light; not being in a relationship while living in Edinburgh definitely has its perks.

Not everyone enjoys being single; even just looking at couples in public places can not only be daunting, but make you want to roll your eyes. They can even make you question ‘why am I single?’ and ‘am I lonely?’. Its all about facing the fear of these questions and seeking answers of self loving. So here’s some good old fashion reasons why you should stay single in Edinburgh!

1. Enjoying your freedom.

Being single means you are free to be happy on your own accord. You have no worries and aren’t constantly thinking about someone else rather than yourself. By focusing on you, you can learn who you are as a person, but also explore and achieve your own happiness. You live in Edinburgh, so instead why not look at this city as a type of relationship you can enjoy for yourself, explore it, and feel free. You can take up as much time as you want with your own hobbies and interests, so read that book you’ve been craving so much to fall in love with!

2. You change.

In a relationship, sometimes life becomes more about your partner than yourself, and you may become someone you don’t recognise; and soon even the smallest part of you is merged with another. You are selfish, but you are who you are. There is nothing wrong with that and instead you should focus on your own goals and dreams, achieve who you want to be for yourself. Why should you question or compromise for another when you dreams are the biggest part of your life? So be selfish, and be you, especially when living in a city like Edinburgh; the city itself can be enough to comprise with. Be the excitement you’re missing in your life!


3. Being content.

Your own company shouldn’t make you feel alone. You should feel happy and great. Just because everyone else is in a relationship (or whatever partnership they have in today’s society) doesn’t mean you should follow. It may also be that you just haven’t found that perfect someone; so being content with yourself isn’t just a choice you have, but also a choice you feel comfortable with. You shouldn’t enter into a relationship or decide to no longer be single just because everyone else wants you to. You should be content with what you can control. So stop putting so much pressure on yourself and live for yourself.

4. You aren’t ready.

Relationships take a lot of work; they don’t work by themselves magically as you may imagine. They take time and effort and aren’t always easy. Especially when you’re young and carefree and living in the city, theres other things you would rather do than commit. Besides, there’s so much more to do in Edinburgh such as going to bars with friends or trying that new restaurant you always wanted to go to. Have that extra glass of wine without anyone judging you or telling you off.

5. The peace and quiet.

This may seem like the polar opposite of what to expect when you live in a place like Edinburgh. A place full of culture, and with so much going on, it’s hard to keep up. But the good thing about this city is that the choice is yours; if you want the quiet or the hustle and bustle, it’s up to you. The choice to do as you please for yourself isn’t as overwhelming or lonely as you may think. A bit of peace and quiet is great every once in a while; and if you decide to leave your worries and everything behind for a while to take a time out, then you can!


6. Money.

This may seem like a simple concept, but you actually learn to live with more money and you can spend it all on yourself. Imagine living in such a beautiful place like Edinburgh and never having any money to enjoy it. Well here is where being single can actually be a bonus. You can spend your own money on yourself so everyday feels like a treat. You are in control of your own spending and if you wanna buy that new dress or extra cupcake to feel good, then you go for it! The only person you need to impress is yourself.

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7. Living alone.

Not only is living alone great because you don’t need to change any of your bad habits and have no one to make you feel any different; but having the bed to yourself is bliss. You can decide to have that Netflix binge on your own and there will be no one to judge, and you can go to bed or even nap whenever you want. The best part about being single in the city is having your own space in such a busy environment.


8. Your career.

Living in a city like Edinburgh has all the great career prospects around you. It may be tough finding the job or career path you want to follow, but at least living in Edinburgh gives you better chances of being more sure. Your job can become your new exciting relationship; at least this one pays and you actually enjoy it. Your job can lead you to someone and you know it will be unlike a relationship you are unsure about. A job can lead to more security and an ‘IN’ part of society. It’s self explanatory and doesn’t take a genius to know that this is the greatest type of relationship.

So there are many great reasons to stay single and commit yourself to other parts of your life. So instead, why not take advantage of all this free time you have for yourself and enjoy living life in Edinburgh? After all these 8 reasons are a great excuse why.

These are some of the reasons to stay single in Edinburgh! Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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