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5 Stationery Brands You Need To Be Using At Uni

5 Stationery Brands You Need To Be Using At Uni

5 Stationery Brands You Need To Be Using At Uni

Off to university? Then, this is the perfect time for you to update your stationery. There are lots of things to get excited about when it come to uni. The parties, the courses, the new friends. But what you don’t want to do, is turn up to your first lecture with half-chewed to death pencil and a pen that’s already out of ink.

Treat yourself! And take a look at these great stationery brands for reliable, affordable and great looking stationery before heading off to university.


Designed in Manchester, KENJI supplies quirky homeware, accessories and lots of cute Japanese inspired stationery. While the store hasn’t reached out massively yet, it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Pretty soon there’ll be a KENJI on every corner.


KENJI Notebooks in particular are a popular pick, for their sleek and minimalist design that looks both trendy and professional while still being affordable. Check out their products on their website by clicking on the photo below!

2. Tombow

A Japanese brand that frequently pushes the boundaries between technology and style, breaching into the stationery unknown. Not only does Tombow stationery look great on your desk, but it’s reliable, sticking out the year with you until the end. With a reputation like that it isn’t hard to see why it has become one of the most popular brands in Japan.


It’s hard to pinpoint a single great for Tombow, because there are so many. One of my absolute favourites are the pastel coloured dual-brush pens. Check them out- and then everything else.

3. The Green Gables

As far as stationery brands go, The Green Gables gets my vote for being the most individual with their brand. While every other stationery bran out there is jumping on the Japanese route, The Green Gables have accomplished an original look by viewing their immediate surrounding and creating something that appears so authentically English.


Not that Japanese Stationery is something to sneeze at, Japanese stationery brands are innovative and cutting edge in the production. But if you want a notebook that feels like a slice of home, then The Green Gables if for you.

Their personalised gift cards are a great choice for any occasion, but my heart is stolen by their magnetic to-do list set. Check them out on their website!

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4. Mi Goals

A down to earth, no nonsense-type stationery brand, Mi Goals are the self-proclaimed “stationery for goal diggers” brand. Though they are based in Australia, their products are sold internationally. But even if there’s a waiting period, their products are well worth it. Mi Goals stationery is well crafted and rustic in design, with motivational quotes and messages embossed on the front.

Mi Girls has a great range of stationery to choose from, but I’m a huge fan of their classic “Get S*** Done” notebooks. Nothing like a little cuss to really motivate a girl.


5. Ajoto

There are some stationery brands love to make pens. And then there’s Ajoto. Ajoto don’t love pens, they love pens. Being the most expensive on this list, Ajoto is where you go to find a lifelong companion of a pen, not a company’s throwaway.

Made locally in Manchester, each of the pens Ajoto produces is an engineered masterpiece, handcrafted down to the millimetre with each minute aspect being carefully considered. The weight, the ink, the timeless design, the copious detail that’s been put into the twisting lock mechanism so that is wont jam. Nothing is left without scrutiny. Even the packaging and pen pouch it comes in has a story to tell.


What stationery brands are you going to be bring to university this year?  Let me know down in the comments?

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