12 St. Patrick’s Day Outfits You Need To Wear This Year

If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (who doesn’t) then you have probably considered some St. Patrick’s Day outfits. If you haven’t gotten that far in your planning, I’m here to show you 12 outfits in various shades of green that will have you feeling all kinds of lucky on the big night!

1. Forest Green Fur

Fur coats are a perfect statement piece to draw attention to you.

Not only that, but they are very seasonal both in terms of fashion and weather conditions. Everyone has one.

This green fur coat will keep you warm on St. Patrick’s Day as well as providing a perfect outfit choice to wear over the top of a plain t-shirt or roll neck jumper.

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2. Leather Trousers

Vegan leather or PU preferable.

Out of all the St. Patrick’s Day outfits you could choose, why not opt for leather pants for a throwback, chic look.

These pants might be very 1999 but they are in no way out of fashion. Pair them with a simple green sweater to complete the look and you are ready for the holiday!

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3. Boiler Suit

Boiler suits are in right now!

Every high street retailer has jumped onto the boiler suit trend and it might be the best thing ever.

This green look is perfect for your St. Patrick’s Day outfit as it requires very minimal effort. You can just put it on and go!

Not to mention how comfortable yet effortlessly stylish you will look.

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4. Leather Skirt

If pants aren’t your thing, try a leather skirt for some feminine chic on the night.

Leather skirts are very classy if you are aiming for a more sophisticated night out with your friends and will be a good look day-to-day, being easy to wear and pair with a wide range of items.

This skirt is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit to be worn with a feminine blouse and gold accessories to complete the look.

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5. Slip dress

Nothing beats a slip dress.

Slip dresses are very popular right now and can be worn in various ways to match any occasion.

Wear a roll neck jumper underneath for a very chic, laid back look. Throw an oversized jacket over the top for a very cool layered look to complete your St. Patrick’s Day outfit.

If you’re not into layering, just wear it how it is and make sure to accessorise with a nice clutch and earrings.

You can never go wrong with a sexy slip.

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6. Teal Blazer

Greens don’t need to be all dark and gloom. Opt for a sweet pastel for a gentler look.

This teal blazer is spring ready and St. Patrick’s Day ready no matter where you’re going. A tailored fit will do wonders for showing off the curves and give your outfit a classic vibe. A looser fit, however, will have you looking laid back, cool and ready for an eventful night.

Pair this blazer with black jeans, slacks, or a skirt for your St. Patrick’s Day ready pastel infused outfit.

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7. Aquamarine Sequin Skirt

Add some shine with this showstopper.

Sparkles can elevate any look and event you attend by making you the shining focus.

Many of the previous St. Patrick’s Day Outfits have been lacking the wow factor that can be found in wearing something shiny, opting for more laid back looks.

This look is here to be loud and bold.

Channel your inner Irish this St. Patrick’s Day with an outfit that sets you apart from the masses with aquamarine sequins!

Pair this skirt with a blouse or bold sweater to really complete the look.

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8. Tulle Skirt

Tulle fit for a Queen.

A tulle skirt is an amazing option for your St. Patrick’s Day Outfits as it pairs well with so many looks.

Tulle is very uncomplicated and makes for easy outfit picking on the day. It can be worn with a blouse for a very elegant and classic look. It could also be worn with a simple sweater or cropped sweatshirt for a cute, chic look.

Heels are a must to complete this look. Opt for a classic black heel to direct attention towards the skirt, which is the centrepiece of your look.

No matter how you wear it, you will be the belle of the ball in this flowy look.

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9. Patterned Suit

If you’re feeling fancy and ready to dress to the nines, a suit is the look for you.

A suit guarantees an event appropriate look no matter what the occasion is. It also takes all the hassle out of getting ready as the ensemble is already provided for you.

If you want a more feminine look, a floral patterned suit will fulfill this while still making sure to keep you looking classy. If floral isn’t your thing, you can also try a simple checked suit or a bold animal print if that is more your style.

Choose your style and own your St. Patrick’s Day!

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10. Chunky Sweater + Thigh Highs

A date night look or daytime chic, this look is ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

This trendy look is perfect for millennials who love to mix vintage and modern styles.

While chunky sweaters and knee-high boots are very modern and trendy, the right accessories can transform your outfit into something more classic and vintage.

The chunky sweater pairs well with both jeans or a skirt, leaving the choice up to you, dear wearer. The thigh high boots also pair well with both.

Now the accessories. Get yourself some large framed glasses for a vintage vibe which very much matches the current fashion trends of vintage renewal. You can find glasses pretty much anywhere, from Urban Outfitters to Vintage Markets.

Feel trendy this St. Patrick’s Day with this outfit of choice.

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11. Duster Coat

A good duster coat can enhance your outfit more than you realise.

The length itself is enough to classify it as an outfit as it becomes the main piece in your outfit.

This coat can be worn over various other St. Patrick’s Day Outfits in this list, such as leather pants, or with a cool laid back outfit of your own.

If you want to be in keeping with the green theme, you could choose to wear a green top and bottoms. However, if you want your duster coat to stand out, I would choose something more neutral to keep your duster the focus. White and black are good choices for this look.

You could also accessorise with a hat, either a cap or even a beret depending on the look you are going for.

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12. Go Neon

Seen on celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Blake Lively, neon can also be an option for your St. Patrick’s Day Outfits.

Neon anything. Seriously.

Neon green tops are very in right now with many high street and designer brands producing roll neck jumpers and other sweaters in neon green shades.

Neon green trousers and skirts are also a thing right now with many retailers jumping onto the 70s trend of wearing neon colours in every day or fitness settings.

Pair a neon bralet with neon green trousers for a party-ready look that is both fashionable and 70s neon themed.

You can also choose a neon sweater and wear it with a simple pair of jeans if you are not ready to commit to full neon.

If a fun-filled look is what you want, this is the perfect one for you out of all the other St. Patrick’s Day Outfits.

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It ain’t always easy being green but with this handy guide, it can be. Will you be brave enough to go neon for this St. Patrick’s Day Outfits?

Feature image source:
Kristel Gusseva

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