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10 St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks You Need To Try

10 St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks You Need To Try

St. Patrick's Day makeup ideas will make you want to wear them all year long! Here are some of the best green makeup looks for the holiday!

March 17th is just around the corner and that means getting your St. Patrick’s Day makeup ready! This doesn’t mean you are cheesy, it means you are a festive person or a green lover.

These St. Patrick’s Day makeup ideas are great for both beginners or professionals who want to stand out or play around with colors.

These combinations will make you want to wear green all year! From emerald eyelids to glittery eyes or even a simple discreet green eyeliner, these options look great and are really easy to try at home if you are not an expert in the makeup field.


1. Green Eyeliner

Enhance those beautiful eyes with a green eyeliner! Make sure to apply it only in your bottom lid from one corner to the other and give it some contrast by applying an earthy eyeshadow. 

2.Winged green twist

This is a unique subtle twist of the regular black winged eye. You can start by applying your black eyeliner but give the emerald green touch to the wing.

3. Green Smokey

Planning a night out in town? Try this sexy St. Patrick’s Day makeup and make head turns over you! It will not only make you look mysterious but it’s great to captivate the eyes of your prince charming.


4. Green Kiss

St. Patrick’s Day makeup can also be worn with just a perfect glowy green lipstick. Make sure to find a long-lasting lipstick, you never know if you’ll meet the love of your life and need to “seal the deal”.

5. Green Lashes

Don’t be afraid to swap your regular mascara for a more playful, colorful one! You can either buy a green mascara or fake eyelashes and get ready to be complimented all day.

To keep a balance, make sure that if you are wearing green lashes not to wear anything else around your ideas so you don’t distract the attention.


6. Green Glitter Queen

How about some glow for a perfect St. Patrick’s Day makeup? Apply a darker green eyeshadow and complete the look by adding a layer of a gorgeous green glitter on top of it! Cause glitter is always a good idea.

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7. Green Gem

Let it shine bright like a diamond with a few beautiful green gems! St. Patrick’s Day is all about wearing green, either you decide to have it in your eyeshadow or with additional green accessories like gems.


8. Green envy eyebrows

Bring out your adventurous and daring side by swapping your regular eyebrow color for a beautiful green one. No need to add green makeup to your eyes, the green brows will make you look cool enough.

9. Thin Green Eyeliner

If you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup and want to go for something simpler than this look will suit you just fine! You just have to add a touch of green eyeliner and your favorite lipstick.

10. Green And Gold

This is a killer queen combination! If you are not a pro when it comes to makeup this St. Patrick’s Day makeup idea is perfect for beginners. The colors don’t need a lot of blending and it can be worn during a day or night out.


March is a great excuse to wear St. Patrick’s Day makeup. There are so many variations and combinations of beautiful colors that you could wear one for each day of March. From a subtle one to go to the office to a combination to stand out on your night out, these St.Patrick’s Day makeup ideas will suit you.

Which of these St. Patrick’s Day makeup ideas will you try? Tell us below!
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