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5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

Are you ready for the summer? Train your body and your booty to fin in that amazing two pieces bikini with our easy-peasy squats exercises.

Squats. Either you hate them or you love them. Most of the time you end up loving them, even if the day after you struggle doing the simplest things, like sitting in a chair. Squats exercises are the best workouts for legs and for the bum. Yes, girl, I know that this is the part you are all going to be interested in. It, not a myth that squats are great when it comes to building our gluts, and who do not want to have an Emily Ratajkowski booty this summer? Well, I do.

Some fitness experts recommend doing squats every day if you girls don’t have time for anything else. There are these 30 days challenging apps, that help you with different exercises, which I wouldn’t use because if you miss one day it will feel like going back to day one.

Not all squat exercises target the gluts area, in fact, some of them will only target your leg muscles. However, they can also create an anabolic environment, which then extends to the body-wide muscle building. How you might wonder? Well, when done properly squats are so intense (VERY intense) that they trigger the realise of testosterone which along with the human growth hormone, are vital for muscle growth.

I know, squats can be painful not only during the exercise but mostly after the second day, yet they are a great help for our balance. Strong legs are important for staying mobile as you get older, and as I said before squats are really good for that.

But, let’s talk about what is really important here: BOOTY.

Although doing squats is a pretty simple and common exercise it is easy that you might be making some mistakes, like not clenching enough or you are not dropping it low enough.

It is important that you don’t do cardio before squats if you want to warm up stretch your legs. If your goal is to build a big and bubble butt -which it is, doing cardio is a mistake because you will only tire your legs and they won’t have enough energy left to kill your workout.

So, we want you girls to know and try different kind of squats exercises that will make your booty peachy AF.

These are all squats variations, so I am assuming that you already know how to do a classic squat.

Plie Squats

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

Jump Squats

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

Goblet Squats

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

Squat Pulse

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

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Lateral Squats

5 Squats Exercises Will Make Your Bum Peachy AF

I usually start off with 3 sets of non-weighted squats 15-20 rep each, taking 20-second rest between them. After I do other 3 sets this time using weights, 15-20 rep each, taking 30-second rest.

You can easily do the same exercises just adding a bit of weighing, just keep in mind that your body after a while will get used to that workout and will ask for more. So, adding resistance, it can be weight or it can be the resistance band for legs and butt, will help your gluts to get bigger. Yet, those muscles need time to heal.

When we work out more blood is pumped into the muscles, so that we can have additional oxygen. When we stop lactic acid is flushed into our body, which is why we feel in pain a day later. After we exercise the muscles tiny tears started to form on them, they help the muscles to grow bigger and stronger as they heal.

This science lesson was just to tell you that you need to take at least one day of rest or your muscles won’t grow strong enough.

Tell us what is your favourite squats exercises and if you are ready for that booty to grow leave a comment in the section below!

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