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Soo Spray On Makeup Is A Thing But Does It Work?

Soo Spray On Makeup Is A Thing But Does It Work?

Look into these spray on makeup items that have shown stunning results. Smooth and complete coverage are some of the best qualities of spray on makeup.

Putting on makeup can either be the best part of the night or can feel like such a drag. But, what if we told you that applying your foundation might have just got easier and quicker? Spray on makeup is now a thing and we’re still wondering if it actually might work?!

No Need For Sponges

Spray on makeup is just like regular makeup except it is applied slightly differently. Instead of using your finger, brushes or sponges, you apply makeup similar to how a spray tan is applied. This means that spray on makeup is slightly more hygienic than other more traditional methods of applying makeup as you don’t have to use your fingers, with hidden bacteria, or brushes that haven’t been washed in a while. With that being said, it might be a good idea to have a sponge or beauty blender on hand so you can make sure it is applied evenly to your face after you have sprayed it on. You can still use a regular concealer to help cover up any problem areas or under the eyes to disguise any tiredness.

Complete Coverage

The great thing about spray on makeup is that you can decide on the amount of coverage each time: it can vary from light to full as you can build it up by spraying on more or less layers. This means you can use the same foundation for during the day or when you want more if you’re going out in the evenings. The most convenient thing about spray on makeup is how quick it takes to apply – you really can just spray it on in a few seconds. Although it can be tricky to get the hang of at first and does require some practice before you spray it directly on to your face, if done correctly, spray on makeup can help you to achieve a really natural but flawless face of makeup. It is great for taking photos of as it creates that airbrush finish we all strive for.


Different Brands

As they are still newer products, spray on foundations are slightly more expensive than other face products however, you use less as a result of the application technique so your spray on foundation might last for longer (if you can get the hang of it!) Big brands like Dior, ERA and Sephora are aboard the spray on makeup train and our favourite beauty bloggers are also trying it out so, there is no reason not to try spray on makeup for yourself!

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Final Look

We definitely think that we will be seeing more of it as more people realize that spray on makeup really is a thing. Are you tempted to try spray on makeup? Or, are you ahead of the trend and already use it as part of your everyday beauty routine? Let us know in the comments below!


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