6 Spotify Playlists For When You’re Writing An Essay

Right, we all know that writing an essay isn’t the easiest thing on the planet. Even when we are actually interested in the subject it can be quite the challenge reaching that word count in time for haunting deadline. Don’t fret, I am here to give you some great playlists that I have discovered through my long lifetime of procrastination! I usually work with music as it gives me a rhythm to type to, so if you’re similar, keep reading! If you’ve never tried working with music, venture to one of these Spotify playlists.

1. Calm Vibes By Spotify.

Calmer music when working sometimes is exactly what you need, especially if it an essay that requires a lot of researching and concentration. Going for this playlist is wise if you’re struggling to concentrate. Filled with some soothing, poetic songs that will trigger the best student in you. One song on there that doesn’t fail to get me motivated is ‘Max Richter – A Catalogue of Afternoons’ it is a soothing tune, and the piano in it allows you to think as well as feel the music. Give it a try if you’re into soft music.

2. Warm Fuzzy Feeling by Spotify.

If you can handle a good stealthy playlist without actually getting distracted by the banging tunes buried within, then golly gosh, this is the one for you. Depending on the essay I am writing, I sometimes get too caught up in singing my heart out, and not into the essay writing like I need to be. But if you can handle a bit of ‘If I ain’t got you’ by Alicia Keys, and an acoustic version of ‘Latch’ by Sam Smith, then this is one of the best Spotify playlists.

3. Revision Ballads by Spotify.

This is probably a playlist you’ve not even checked out but accidentally passed many times in your browse page of Spotify. A lot of the greatest artists are hidden within this playlist, like Stormzy, Jorja Smith and Jessie Ware, etc. All the types of artists that you need to get you through the long hours of revision and essay writing. Studying with these relaxing tunes, with soft melodies is going to have you in a thinking trance and smashing your way through it all.

4. Perfect Concentration by Spotify.

As much as I love a good singalong, this is one of the most beautiful playlists. A lot like Calm Vibes, this focuses on those gentle songs that get you through the times when silence is deafening, but that gentle background noise of a piano as you trail your fingertips across your keyboard is perfect. If you enjoy a good twinkle then get listening to this now. If you’re an emotional one, here’s one song it features that lure you in. ‘Suite Bergamesque: Clair De Lune’ by Claude Debussy & Inon Barnatan. If those names, and that title, mean nothing to you I got two words… The Notebook. I know, I’m crying already.

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5. Happy Hits by Spotify.

Right, we all know that sometimes University/College can be a little hard on the mental health, so if you’re in need of a kick up the butt to get you through this, you’re gonna need this Spotify Playlist! It is the playlist of all Spotify Playlists! (Apart from my own, of course!) This features artists like Years&Years, Anne-Marie, Shawn Mendes, The 1975! Hello, need I say more? Get yourself onto this playlist right now if you’re in need of that kick-start. Spotify Playlists are the way forward, people!

6. Monday Motivation by Spotify.

Last but not least, Monday Motivation. I believe this could be my FAVOURITE! I mean, it features Beyonce, what more does a girl need? It has all the songs that get right into your bones, but mostly getting to them fingers tips so you get your work on. Monday is the hardest day to get motivated, especially after weekends of fun. But this will help you! It is a sweet reminder that there’s only 4 more days until the weekend. If Beyonce, Sam Smith, and Estelle aren’t getting you there, then you’re lost!

If you’re a struggler when it comes to getting your schoolwork done like me, then get listening. Stop leaving it until the day before the deadline, and get TYPING AND GROOVING. You got this, and These Spotify playlists got your BACK! Did they help you? If so, tell me which was your favourite below.

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Brookly Taylor

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