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10 Songs That Could Describe Your Love Life

10 Songs That Could Describe Your Love Life

10 Songs That Could Describe Your Love Life

Music makes you feel things. It reflects your past, ensures the present and predicts the future. There are more than a hundred thousand songs out there that depict the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions. Explore 10 bangers you might have not heard of before and find out which one of them represents the current status of your love life the most.

1. Never Known by Tolan Shaw

Happy in love – that’s what this jam is all about. Tune it in when making a romantic dinner for your partner or driving down the highway into the unknown. This will make you tear up and smile at the same time.


2. Fluctuate by Catfish and The Bottlemen

Don’t assume rock-n-roll is dead. These boys won’t take it. Their recent album ‘The Balance’ proves you wrong. Start it off with the eponymous song Fluctuate – it’s about the everlasting struggle to decide whether your partner is the one for you. Which stage is your relationship in? Is it damaging? Is your love life toxic? Does it make you truly happy? You fluctuate.

3. Don’t You Find by Jamie T

Nothing can be more relatable than love that is not mutual, affection that is unreachable, a rush of feelings towards someone completely unexpected. Having been influenced by the late 80s, Jamie T brings in his own distinct sound, playing around the bittersweet and somewhat alluring feeling you catch when you think of someone you probably shouldn’t be thinking about.


4. Novocaine by Frank Ocean

In his debut album Nostalgia, Ultra, the king of soulful R&B narrates a story about the girl he meets and falls for. She’s wrestling with the demons from within herself and he chooses to numb his pain artificially. Wrong choices kill your love life and the tragedy becomes real.


5. Television / So Far So Good by Rex Orange County

London-based singer/songwriter Alex O’Connor is famous for his playful tunes, perky voice, and intricate choice of wording. His character is a shy but charismatic young hipster wandering through the maze of love and passion, despair and betrayal, perplexity and apathy. And we’ve all been there.

6. He’s The Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge

Disco music is like a good aphrodisiac. It makes every encounter more enchanting and special. This Sister Sledge banger is about love/attraction at first sight. He’s hitting the dancefloor and she joins him up. Together they dive into this jazzy whirlwind romance. Sounds exciting!


7. Save The Prayer by Duran Duran

The song interprets the idea of a one-night stand as a poetic act of living in a moment, setting consequences aside and worrying about them later. The theme goes along with the tranquilizing melody and dreamy vocals, typical for a new-wave band. Conclusion: all that matters is here and now.

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8. Honey by 070 Shake

This is a groovy dance-hall track with your classic post-break-up type of lyrics. Things were fun when you were together but once they leave you behind, life becomes all dull and boring. What can I say… “shake that ass”!


9. Better Man by Pearl Jam

This renowned ballad carries a strong message about the disruptive nature of abusive relationships. She reminisces about the good old days and cries in despair. She tries to escape but fails because she thinks he is her only chance. She needs to learn: everyone deserves better.


10. Past Life by Tame Impala

This is a rather dark interpretation of how it feels to come across a surreal image of your past lover. The astonishing mixture of electronica, a robotic and slightly ‘trippy’ read-through and a transition to a beautiful melody in the refrain will make you feel as if you are taking a plunge into the hidden memories of your past love life.

What song did we miss out on? Tell us in the comments!

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