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Society19’s Step-By-Step Guide To Fall Style

Society19’s Step-By-Step Guide To Fall Style

Society19's Step-By-Step Guide To Fall Style

Fall is upon us. It’s coming, pretty rapidly at that (rest in peace, vacation) and already almost has us by our throats. Time passes faster each year and we are all doomed… except, well, not really.

Still, fall is a new season. Fall style will come out, summer style will, at first, collaborate with fall style, but then go into hibernation, and be reborn next year.

Autumn is the favourite time for a lot of fashionistas. It allows for layers, but also allows for minimal actual thermal layering; it allows for cute coats and jackets, but doesn’t force you to wrap yourself up like a tiny kitten because it’s too damn cold; it allows for hats and gloves, but doesn’t force them upon you.


Overall, fall style is usually the most comfortable style – and here I am, to guide you through the upcoming trends, revealed at the Paris Couture Fashion Week, by your hand.

Leather On Leather

For a lot of people, fall style means leather jackets. Which is super fair – me too, lads – but this year insists on adding even more leather into the equation. Just a jacket is not enough, put on leather pants, too. And, maybe, gloves, while you’re at it.

You will find a multitude of relatively-cheap-yet-still-high-quality leather items at Zara soon; besides, they already almost always have leather jackets.


Clashing Colours

And a lot of them.

This Couture Fashion Week broke the usual grim and grey/navy colour scheme of the fall/winter collections and, instead, proposed we incorporate more colour into fall style. Not just any colours – the warmer, the brighter – the better. If it clashes with something vividly, like a lime green with hot pink or deeper green with purple (Valentino) that’s even better.

Get yourself a bright orange coat (even better if it’s a leather jacket, you feel me?) and kill the streets! It will make cold cities brighter and people’s days warmer.


Most stores are filled with colourful clothing, but the best choices for this? Zara, Topshop, Urban Outfitters. H&M sometimes.

Suits, Suits, Suits

Classy, classic and with all kinds of twists just waiting to be done – often highbrow-looking, and often quite expensive, suits are about to be it this year, making it into most people’s fall style guides.

It doesn’t matter if the suits are really definitely correct and appropriate for the occasion, of course – we’re not here to discuss stocks. Instead, what matters is that they look thoughtful and high quality; even better if they’re plaid. Because plaid is also about to be a big thing this fall.


It is annoying to keep coming back to the same store, but nothing yet beats Zara at highbrow-imitation, so. Let’s flood it and look for suits!

See Also

Super Long Coats and/With Capes



Super long coats – the ones that almost touch the ground, but not quite – are making a huge comeback and I’m thrilled.

On top of that, capes and cloaks are also making a big comeback – quite quickly after their re-emergence about a year or so ago, in fact – so now is your time to buy the cape you didn’t buy and regretted it for a month, and incorporate it into your fall style.

A coat is something you want to splurge on because they should survive ages; if there’s but one clothing item you’re going to spend a significant amount of money on, you should do it on a good, expensive, fashionable coat.


And, Finally, Shine!

Half the fashion week was golden and glistening. The other half? Covered in glitter, head to toe.

Shiny, metallic and glittery clothing jumps extremely between super-fashionable-and-cool and oh-god-kill-it, so it’s good to see a resurgence of thereof again. Give it another chance, guys!

What are your favourite fall style clothing items? Tell us in the comments below!

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