8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

Space-saving is so important when you have a small flat and you are probably always looking for new creative ways to use your space wisely. Look no further because here are eight smart space-saving ideas that will completely change your flat!

1. Hidden Desk In Shelves

These are becoming more popular and you can find them at most furniture shops these days. Instead of having a set of shelves which extends to your floor, you get a set of shelves with a large space at the bottom under which you can store your desk! Whenever you need to work, you just pull the drawer out from its den below the shelves and use it! This will give you extra floor space whenever you are not using your desk and it will make your room look less cluttered! Perfect for any room that is a bit on the cramped side.

8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

2. Sofa Bed/Day Bed

When someone mentions a sofa bed, most people picture something stuffed away in a spare room for when your great aunt visits from abroad for the week – but it can actually be a great space-saving idea for your flat! Instead of having a bulky double bed taking up the majority of your bedroom floor, buy a sofa bed instead! This way your room will have its own lounge area with a large floor space surrounding it. At night, all your have to do is shove everything on the floor out the way and pull the bed out. Alternatively, you could get a day bed. This is basically a single bed which also extends into a double bed. You can open it up at night before you go to sleep so you have a bigger bed, then close it back up in the morning into a single. This will make your room feel much bigger.

8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

3. Floating Breakfast Bar

Everybody wants somewhere to sit down and eat their meals each day, but not all flats have space for a separate dining area. This is where the floating breakfast bar becomes a brilliant space-saving idea! Instead of a big dining table taking up space, bolt a breakfast bar onto the wall of your kitchen or living room. Then you can buy some bar stools and store them under the bar. This saves having a lot of chairs cluttering up the place too. Whenever you want to eat, pull the stools out from under the bar, perch on top, and enjoy! Just make sure the bar doesn’t turn into a place to dump all your junk! 

4. Beds With Storage Space

This is one of the best ways to save space in your flat. There are lots of different bed frames in the world and most of them come with some sort of storage underneath! This can range from just being off the floor so there is a big empty space beneath the mattress, drawers which pull out, or even beds which lift up to reveal a hidden compartment! All these beds will give you extra storage space in your room and will cut down on your need for large, cumbersome wardrobes. This will allow you to store all your stuff without it using up all the space in your room.

8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

5. Corner Railings

This is such a random idea but it will revolutionise how you organise your room! It can be really hard to fit railings into your room for hanging all your shirts and dresses on – and nobody wants their room to start looking like a clothing store. A great way to fix this is to buy some corner railings. These are railings that will fit diagonally into the corners of your room. Let’s face it, you weren’t using that space anyway, were you? This gives you plenty of places to hang all your clothes, but it will also keep your clothes tucked away in the corners where you don’t need to pay attention to them – rather than being spread all over your bedroom.

6. Extending Dining Table

These dining tables usually only make an appearance at Christmas dinner – but they can be used to save a lot of space in your flat! Instead of having a massive dining table with places for your entire family, you can get an extending table which folds up underneath into a tiny, two-person table. This will keep your dining area from taking up the whole flat. It will give you somewhere to eat and if you ever have friends over, you can extend it into a big table to fit everyone! What could be better?

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8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

7. Door Hangers

This is a really funky space-saving idea that will make your bedroom look super cool! The back of the doors in your flat is prime real estate for storage, but most people ignore it in favour of the walls. Don’t! Use the doors! You can bolt a bunch of hangers, pockets, and shelves onto the back of your door and use them to store things. You can hang your jewellery, coats, magazines, scarves, or anything you want! It makes your door look much cuter than just a plain door, and it will help you organise your stuff. 

8. Combined Desk-Dressing Table

You can find a lot of these in upcycled furniture stores or online and they are really handy. All these different surfaces in your room can start to take up a lot of space, and this will help reduce that. Instead of having a separate makeup station and a work desk, combine them into one object! The mirror for your dressing table will fold down into the desk giving you a flat surface to place your laptop on for work or studying. It will allow you to doll yourself up and work hard without cluttering your room.

8 Smart Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

Would you use any of these space-saving ideas? What ways do you try to save space in your flat? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/i_q8BWT80TE
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