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10 Smaller Series That Need Recognition

10 Smaller Series That Need Recognition

10 Smaller Series That Need Recognition

Are you looking to start watching a new smaller series because you don’t really want to commit to one with hundreds of seasons as your attention span is ridiculously bad or you’re in the mood to binge one in a couple of days? Are you also stuck on what to start because you’ve pretty much wiped Netflix clean?

Well, there’s no need to worry because today this article is going to give you 10 smaller series that’ll have you questioning why you’ve never watched them before! You are more than welcome.

1. Mistresses

This English television drama from 2008 really will have you gripped; starring four best friends who are all dealing with their own personal problems but still find the time to have very complicated yet juicy love lives.


With one doctor getting involved with a patient, one lady who’s mourning the death of her husband, one unhappy wife and one who care-free woman who likes to test the field you won’t want this 3-seasoned series to end.

2. The Fall

This dark twisting story is of a man who’s life isn’t quite ordinary. By day he poses as the perfect father and husband to his little family and by night he is in fact a serial killer. One detective takes on the case and has to suss out who’s carrying out these cruel acts and why. A really thrilling crime-drama that’ll have you questioning who you’re really routing for.

3. 13 Reasons Why

Sure, you’ve all probably heard of this popular Netflix smaller series but it had to be mentioned. It’s the story of a girl who kept her feelings and darkest secrets quiet until one day she had enough; Hannah Baker was a victim to bullying amongst other acts at her high school and she suffered in silence but now she’s back to tell everybody involved why they are to blame for her committing suicide using 13 stereo tapes.


4. The Sinner

So far there has been two seasons on Netflix and both have been entirely different plot-lines that both narrow down to the same question… why? Season one digs deep into the mind of Cora Tannetti to find out why she brutally murders a total stranger in broad daylight at the same time she’s enjoying a day at the beach with her family with the help of Detective Ambrose.

Season two again follows Julian Walker and Ambrose’s mission on finding out why little Julian poisoned both his parents whilst they were taking him away on holiday. Thousands of secrets and both past times that were left untold until now. After watching both season’s you’ll be left mind-boggling addicted and impatient for series 3 to be released.

5. Life Unexpected

After two young-in-love idiots make some bad decisions and get Cate knocked up she makes the decision to not keep the baby then 15 years passes and guess who turns up at her door? This lovely little drama follows Lux’s adventure in finding her birth parents and re-uniting the dysfunctional but yet lovely little family.


6. The Haunting Of Hill House

This very creepy Netflix smaller series follows the Crain family’s darkest past-time secret and after many years, it’s coming back to haunt them… literally. This horror series is a bit different to the usual as it uses many flashbacks to determine why Olivia Crain, the mother of the family’s death was so out-of-the ordinary because of Hill House.

This disturbing tale of the supernatural entities that live in this mansion will have you hiding behind a cushion in fear.

7. Bodyguard

This fantastic thrilling smaller series was raved about as soon as it came out; Bodyguard is one that’ll leave you teeth-grinding and on the edge of your seat. It’s based upon David Budd being an ex-war veteran and his role to protect the Home Secretary Julia Montague even though she stands for everything he’s against.

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The main question you will ask yourself throughout this 6-episode drama is will he protect her or be her biggest threat.

8. Cutting It

This unique romantic drama is based upon the life of Allie Henshall and her work at a salon. Being hairdressers, Henshall and her family work in a very confined space but maybe it’s a little too confined. If you like a light-hearted watch then this series is for you as you watch Allie’s life unravel before her eyes.


9. Gavin And Stacey

This is an oldie but a goldie; a girl and boy speak online and decide after six months to meet even though they are from completely different worlds. Stacey is from Barry, Wales and Gavin is from Essex, England but that doesn’t stop them from having the most dysfunctional, funny but great love story of all time.

They might be pretty sane but the same can’t be said for their entertaining friends and families that’ll have you in stitches.

10. Coupling

Another comedy that is about six friends who are always unlucky in love and have many, many tales of hopeless dates and bad sexual encounters. If this smaller series doesn’t have you rolling on the floor laughing, not much will.


Have you seen any of these smaller series? Or are you now itching to start them? Comment below which you love even if they aren’t on this list and you might just get someone addicted too!

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