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10 Smaller Fashion Instagrams That You Should Be Following

10 Smaller Fashion Instagrams That You Should Be Following

Some of these fashion Instagrams with hundreds of thousands of followers (or even millions for some!) are great. You usually get super high-quality pictures and a new look every single day from the big Instagrams – which is really fab! However, sometimes smaller fashion Instagrams can be much more appealing for various reasons.

There are a lot of smaller fashion Instagrams out there sharing much more affordable fashion pieces, and more casual day to day looks, making their wardrobes much more realistic and attainable than the bigger Instagrams. So, what you might be wondering is, who are these smaller fashion Instagrams and where can I find them? There are plenty out there if you go looking for them, however, there are certain ones that you might want to start with. So, here are ten of the best smaller fashion Instagrams that you should be following for all your daily fashion inspo!

1. @Gxsia

Gosia has been uploading her favourite looks onto Instagram for years now and has managed to amass over 69,000 followers. I personally have been following Gosia for about 3-4 years, and she is always my go-to for summer daytime looks. Posting a combination of effortlessly cool and casual day looks and more dressy looks for that London life. Most of her looks are super affordable, regularly posting in outfits from the likes of Topshop, Motel Rocks, ASOS, etc. She has also posted some cool styling outfits videos in the past, demonstrating what to wear and how, so be sure to check those out!


2. @OliviaGraceHerring

You might know Olivia better for her YouTube channel, but she also posts regular outfit pictures over on her Instagram page. With almost 75,000 followers now, Olivia has a pretty girly, soft look and regularly dresses in the 90s/noughties style – so if that’s your cup of tea, she’s definitely worth a follow for you! She also posts cute make-up looks to accompany her cool outfits, so she’s great inspo all round! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel too for some cool hauls and try on videos if her Instagram isn’t enough for you!

3. @alternatjve

@alternatjve, otherwise known as Char, definitely has more of a tomboy vibe going on. Regularly sporting super casual looks that feature Adidas tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and hoodies, Char is really great if you’re looking for some inspo for day-to-day laidback looks. With over 16,000 followers, she is definitely worth a follow!


4. @saphirahashim

Saphira is a Glasgow girl that has been in the fashion Instagram game for a while now, with over 67,000 followers to show for it! She posts a combination of cutesy girly looks and more laid back, effortless looks. She’s a great one to follow for both daytime and nighttime looks and even has her own Boohoo discount code – go check her out!

5. @isseyobm

Issey’s Instagram has grown significantly recently, sporting a mixture of edgy tomboy, daytime looks and cool 90s/noughties looks. She regularly shops at Motel Rocks, Pretty Little Thing, and loves a brand name. Issey is always on top of the latest trends, so if you like to constantly be in with the latest fashion, she’s one to watch!


6. @lunalxigh

You may know Luna better from YouTube too. She sports more of an edgy, alternative emo look and she absolutely slays it too. With over 19,000 followers now, Luna’s unique style is certainly something to watch for inspiration. She also has recently posted some really great festival looks and makeup looks that are really worth checking out!

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7. @Paulinaplandowska

Paulina is an absolute Polish dream in her super chic outfits. She posts some absolutely gorgeous yet really simple outfits that are ideal for daytime in London and some really great formal, work-style outfits. I always go to Paulina when I’m looking for some inspiration for a cool semi-formal outfit to wear to work, and she hasn’t failed me yet. Her feed is extremely aesthetically pleasing, with some beautiful backdrops for her images – hence her 27,000 followers! Give her a follow for some beauty on your timeline!


8. @Pia_mbd

Pia is a Parisienne girl with an Instagram feed that will have you looking at weekends away in Paris immediately. Her 62,000 followers are definitely a testament to her perfect feed (and wardrobe). Her fashion sense tends to be pretty girly and floral with a fun flare of suits every now and then. If her gorgeous outfits aren’t enough to win you over, her Parisienne pics definitely will be!

9. @Valerie_sanders

If you like Issey’s style, Valerie is certainly another one to watch. With an edgy, neon, festival vibe going on on her feed at the moment, she’s fantastic inspo for summer fashion. Her wardrobe tends to be pretty affordable, shopping it ASOS, Nastygal, Public Desire, etc, meaning her looks are actually attainable! The best thing about her looks are undoubtedly the fact that she always manages to co-ordinate her looks with the backgrounds of her pictures – so if you are looking for some good photography and great colour co-ordination from a smaller account, she is one to follow. With just over 14,000 followers, Texan girl, Valerie’s followers are growing every day.


10. @Sophie.seddon

Sophie is the biggest Instragrammer mentioned in this post, with 323,000 followers at present, however, because of her super-cool style, I simply couldn’t not include her! Sophie produces more than just cool pictures, but she also regularly uploads short videos demonstrating how to style staple pieces and different, cool ways of wearing things that you might never have even thought of! Her pictures are always really good quality and are guaranteed to bring some brightness to your timeline.

So, no matter what your style or price-range, these five will offer you some great fashion inspo! Do you prefer bigger or smaller fashion Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments below! Also, let us know who your favourite fashion Instagrammer is – do you already follow any of the Instagrammers above?

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