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Small Steps You Can Take To Adopt A More Daring Fashion Sense

Small Steps You Can Take To Adopt A More Daring Fashion Sense

If you are in a bit of a lull with your fashion choices, we are here to help! Try out some of these tips to have a more daring fashion sense in no time!

We all want to be that girl that looks like she can find the best pieces at vintage stores and can rock even the most obscure fashion items. Well hopefully with these little tips and tricks you will be able to adopt a more daring fashion sense and rock just about anything and be confident doing it in no time!

Start Slow

Now! hold your horses, don’t go jumping straight into a whole new wardrobe. Take your time, starting slowing and incorporating a couple pieces at a time can give you the time to decide which kind of style you want to adopt. One daring style may not suit everyone so figure out which feels the most you!

If you are not a hat wearer try one out! wear it with an outfit you feel comfortable with so you don’t feel completely conscious. Pick out a pair of pants with an interesting cut, such as flared jeans. Denim flares are a good half way piece to dip your toe in the daring world. Denim is usually a fairly comfortable fabric for anyone and everyone but the flared cut is where the fun kicks in! Pair them with anything and everything. This is a great way to spice up any outfit and take your first steps to become a more daring dresser.


Think Colour & Pattern

Changing up something you are already comfortable with and switching it for something that is either a loud colour or a fun pattern is a great way to step out of your comfort zone! Try out a bright red purse or even a white pair of booties as opposed to the classic brown or black. If you really want to try something daring give a patterned pair of paints a whirl, such as leopard or checkered. On your next shopping spree take a chance and purchase something that you could see your fav celeb wearing, that you may think you won’t be able to pull off. You never know, you may surprise yourself!

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Go Back In Time

There are many of us that are drawn to a specific era in time. This could be the 90’s, the 50’s or even the 20’s. Pick an era where you love the fashion and incorporate that style into your wardrobe in a new age way. If the ’90s are your thing dig through your dads or even your granddad’s wardrobe and see if you can steal an old boxy blazer, leather jacket or denim jacket. I know many of you are sure you won’t be able to find anything but you won’t know until you try. Pair your new find with a crop top and some skinny jeans or even activewear to bring the old ear into the new day. If your families old wardrobe isn’t supplying anything good, sift through a vintage or thrift store. One person’s trash can be your treasure.


Don’t Think Just Do!

Don’t overthink it! if something grabs your attention don’t get too hung up on what can you pair it with or what if you’re not confident enough to actually wear it out. Just grab it and don’t think twice, pair it whatever feels right to you and don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. Wear what makes you smile and your fashion sense will improve!

This may be a seem scary but its never too early to try! Give any of these tips a go and I’m sure in no time you will be strutting the streets turning heads at every corner. You will never blend into the crowd again once you adopt a more daring fashion sense, show us your newest looks and let us know if these tricks work for you!

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