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The Small Kitchen Appliances List You’ll Actually Want ASAP

The Small Kitchen Appliances List You’ll Actually Want ASAP

This small kitchen appliances list is helpful for any first time flat renter, dorm dwellers or tiny home owner. You'll want these in your kitchen!

What makes a kitchen even better? Kitchen appliances of course. Some are the typical appliances that you buy from Amazon on prime day, just because you know, the price was just too good to let it go. Other kitchen appliances end up in your home because perhaps you receive them as a gift from loved ones or friends. In either way, small kitchen appliances add personality to your kitchen and they are very useful. We have gathered 20 items on this small kitchen appliances list that will make you want to experiment new recipes every day.

1. Cuisinart Food Processor

once you buy yourself a food processor, you will never want to cook without it. It can be used to process anytime of food including veggies. This Cuisinart Food Processor is available on Amazon for less than £200


2. Hand Mixer

For the desert passionate, a hand mixer is a must appliance in your kitchen. It is perfect for whipping cream, mixing cake or simply scrambling eggs. There are many different types online and you can either go far the classic silver-metallic mixer or a mixer in plastic to save some money

3. Blender

Another “must- have” kitchen appliance is the blender. Whether you like to blend your favourite in-season fruits for smoothies or some vegetables for a dipping sauce. Again, an absolute need appliance.


4. Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is another kitchen appliance you could benefit from if you love making smoothies, soups, sauces, and more.


5. Belgian waffle maker

Everyone needs a waffle maker in their kitchen. It’s just the coolest kitchen appliance you could ever have, great for those weekend brunches with family and friends. Nothing can compare with delicious and freshly home-made waffles.

6. Panini Press

A panini press? This kitchen tool will sound absolutely useless, but it will be an interesting discovery. Once you get a panini press, your regular and boring sandwiches or toasts will be turned into something else.


7. Ice Cream & Frozen yogurt maker

Home-made ice cream all year around? Say no more. An absolute must have kitchen appliance. Perfect to make your own healthier ice cream flavours and yogurt at home. This is one of the best items on the small kitchen appliances list.


8. Programmable Cook Pot

A Programmable Cook Pot is perfect if you don’t have enough time because of work or studies. It has very functional and useful features including the possibility to programme when and how to cook a meal. It automatically turns on the “keep warm” mode when done with the cooking, so your food will be ready to be eaten just in time before you get home.

9. Rice cooker

For all the rice lovers out there, you will surely know that cooking rice on a regular pot doesn’t give the same satisfying results as with a rice cooker. Definitely a must-have kitchen appliance. This is one of the most useful products on the small kitchen appliances list.


10. Food saver vacuum sealer

If you hate wasting food, this small kitchen appliance is perfect for you. It helps seal food and extend freshness of all ingredients for 3 times longer.


11. Juicer

A juicer is what you need prepare fresh juice for your morning breakfast. There are many versions online, with different prices depending on the different features you.

12. Knife sharpener

It could sound useless, but we all have felt in need of one at least once in our life. So, why not get a knife sharpener for your kitchen?


13. Cappuccino machine

This is not the cheapest kitchen appliance you could buy but it is definitely worth the money you spend for it. Once you get a cappuccino machine, you will be surprised about how much money you can actually save by making your own coffee at home.


14. Cordless kettle

A cordless kettle is a simple kitchen appliance that makes life so much easier. In a hurry but still fancy a cup of tea? It will heat water for you in just a few seconds.


15. Home soda maker

No more trips from the local shop carrying soda bottles and frizzy drinks. Once you buy a home soda maker, you will be able to satisfy your cravings without moving from home.


16. Pressure cooker

A pressure cooker might not be necessarily essential in your kitchen, but if you receive it as a gift then why not? It cooks veggies in the fastest way.

17. Chopper/grinder

This appliance will chop or your veggies and ingredients for your house party. You will just have to you sit back and enjoy a cup of tea whilst the grinder does all the job.


18. Toaster oven

A toaster oven is great for a small kitchen or a student area where you have no access to a real oven. This is one of the greatest items on the small kitchen appliances list.


19. Popcornmaker

We all need a popcorn maker in our lives. A popcorn maker in your kitchen means hot, tasty popcorn in a few minutes whenever you want. It’s exactly what you need for parties and movie nights.

2o. Spiral vegetable slicer

For stress free perfectly sliced vegetables.


Have you bought anything from your small kitchen appliances list lately? Let us know in the comments.

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