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10 Small Ikea Decorations You Need In Your Flat

10 Small Ikea Decorations You Need In Your Flat

Check out these small Ikea decorations that you can purchase for a reasonable price if you're looking to decorate your new flat!

To say that I’m obsessed with Ikea is an understatement, not only is Ikea affordable but it’s also stylish so you can find so many great things for a reasonable price. One of my favorite things about Ikea has to be the small Ikea decorations you can put around your flat so here are 10:

1. Bring the great outdoors indoors

CACTACEAE are amazing to have because 1 – they’re low maintenance 2 – they survive a long time 3 – they look so good especially on a dressing table or shelves. They only cost £4.50 so these are a great thing to have around the house.


2. Plant pots for more than just plants

SKURAR is a white plant pot which can be used for storing make up brushes or putting fair lights in for decoration as well as plants. This is a great way to organise and decorate your room at the same time, this would look great on a dressing table or fill them with cutlery for the dining table. This only costs £5.

3. A mini art gallery

These cute little prints called BILD are amazing to either stick on the wall or put in the FISKBO frames. The BILD prints are only £6 and one FISKBO frame is only £1.75, you can always get the frames and put your own little doodle inside to make it more personal.


4. Glass domes and hourglasses

BEGÅVNING is a glass dome with a base which only costs £7.95. This is so cute to put anywhere in your house with either fairy lights or flowers inside to add a little creativity to your flat. This would go great with TILLSYN which is a decorative hour glass.


5. Mirror mirror on the table

KARMSUND is a small table mirror which is perfect from when you need to catch a quick glance at yourself before you leave the flat. It is only £10 and very easy to assemble so whats to lose?

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6. Candle lit

BLOMDOFT are small scented candles to light up your flat and having it smell like sweet pea and violets and they’re only £3.50. These would go perfectly on the INFÅNGA candle dish which would look so great on a coffee table, this is sold for £4.

7. Cosy fragrances

NJUTNING is a new vase and scented sticks to make your flat smell like spicy bergamot and tea with warm milk to make it more homely. This is only £6 and would look great anywhere in your flat. This is one of our favorite small Ikea decorations.


What are some of your favorite small Ikea decorations? Tell us in the comments!
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