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5 Small House Decor Ideas You Need

5 Small House Decor Ideas You Need

5 Small House Decor Ideas You Need

Small house decor can be tricky, especially if space is cramped or cluttered, and your home is somewhere you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. With these five smart small house decor tips, including a with a little imagination of signature furnishing pieces, colour coding and storage hacks, no matter how small, your home will be looking petite yet perfect before you know it!

1. Colour Correcting

It’s amazing what a big impact some simple colour changes can make to your small house decor at home. Dark colours tend to make a room feel cosy and small, whereas neutral colours give rooms a lighter feel, think whites, creams and light blues and greens. Choosing lighter shades will maximise any light you have, and instantly brighten up any space, giving the illusion of bigger space. Alternatively, using different colours for different rooms, gives each space a different feel and a different mood, creating a more distinct atmosphere for your small home.

2. Overwork Your Walls

If you have the wall space, use it, especially vertical space. Drawing the eye upwards in small house decor gives the impression the room is larger for you and your guests, think wall art and mirrors. Put as much as your stuff on the walls as possible, and surround your home with all of your favourite things. At the same time though, be sure not to clutter up the walls. Think large, eye-catching pieces of artwork, and mirrors, particularly across from windows will reflect the light and make the room seem bigger. Wall lighting is great too, as opposed to cluttered lamps on tables or the floor.


3. Fab Furniture

Adding statement bits of furniture is a great way to save space. A large statement couch or a small coffee table in your living room can stand out as a signature piece, or hanging chairs in the bedroom are really cute accessories and a great way to save floor space. Large rugs work well too, not only are they great statement pieces but continue the illusion of making a smaller space seem bigger, perfect for small house decor.

4. Statement Storage

Turning your storage into a statement is easy and a great way to limit clutter. Storage can be stylish, but it is best when it serves multiple purposes for your small home. Think floating shelves, hidden drawers, maybe even a vintage trunk as a coffee table, vintage finds are fab and you don’t need to spend a lot of money! Consider a storage wall for books, drawers under the bed, just by thinking outside of the box, there are loads of ways to save space with stylish, statement storage.

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5. Details Details Details

However you decide to decorate your small space, don’t forget the details. Details are so important when thinking of decor ideas, even when you’re trying to save on space and declutter a small home, it’s important to surround yourself with things you love, memories and personal touches that make your home feel like you. A statement rug, house plants, and bright coloured details are great for display, but make sure you put away the things you don’t need or want to see all the time (using those handy storage tips). The easiest way to fall in love with your home, no matter how big or small is to make it your own!

And, there we have it, five easy small house decor ideas you can try at home! Don’t forget though, the most important thing to do when thinking small house decor is to try and keep your house tidy, clean and cosy, as clutter will instantly make any space feel small!

Got any small house decor tips of your own? Tell us in the comments!

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