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10 Small Designs Perfect For Your First Tattoo

10 Small Designs Perfect For Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo can be an intimidating experience. As a piece of artwork that will be on your skin for life, no wonder there’s pressure to get it right. So if you want a tattoo but feel wary about committing to a large design, why not start off with something smaller? Here are 10 small designs that are perfect for a first tattoo.

1.  Paw Print 

Not only do you want your first tattoo to look super cute but you probably want it to be meaningful as well. This is why a tiny paw print is perfect. You can commemorate your childhood pet, simply have something to remember your cat by while you’re at uni, or maybe you just love animals. Either way, this tiny paw print is the perfect way to start your tattoo journey.


2. Infinity Sign

As cool as the concept may be, infinity sign tattoos are overdone. However, giving them a creative twist can create a brilliant first tattoo design. As with the pawprint, you can use them to celebrate your love of animals or maybe a very special pet, but really they can be adapted to depict any personal passion in a new and unique way. 


3. Tiny Camera

Choosing a small design for your first tattoo also gives you the freedom to experiment with placement, and this tiny camera is a great example of that. Perfect for people with a passion for photography, this index finger tattoo will remain hidden most of the time but show up every time you take a photo.


4. Sun

When it comes to playing with placement, this sun tattoo on the back of the neck is a great look for your first tattoo. It might be simple but the unexpected placement takes this minimalist design to a new level. It’s also really easy to cover up. Just wear your hair down if you have disapproving parents or a job interview and this tiny tattoo can be your secret. 

5. Lightning Bolt

Just because these tattoos are small, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be bold. This strong black lightning bolt is a subtle, yet edgy way to begin a tattoo collection. (Also, check out that manicure! What better way to make your artwork pop than coordinating your nails and tattoo?)


6. Continuous Line Tattoo

Minimalist designs make for the perfect first tattoo. With a continuous line design, you can get something artistic and creative without the pain of a larger piece. These can also be a useful solution if you are stuck between two designs, allowing you to combine mountains with a city, a music note with a favourite song lyric, or flowers with a face.

7. Flowers

One misconception about small tattoos is that they have to be black and white, minimalist designs. But if you want your first tattoo to be cute and colourful there’s no need to fear. This bright floral tattoo brings in colour whilst still keeping it simple. Plus, you can make it meaningful by choosing a favourite flower, or research what each symbolises and select something that embodies you.

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8. Fish

If it’s a pop of colour that you’re after, then go for a tropical fish tattoo. This design is small, bright and ideal for someone after a quirky piece of body art. There’s something about the fluidity of a fish that translates really well into a tattoo, and sat on your wrist it will look like it is swimming down your arm. 


9. Bumblebee

Bumblebees make for a delicate and subtle tattoo. Embodying characteristics of hard work, bees can be a symbol to inspire determination and are therefore the ideal first tattoo for a student. Aside from that, they just look adorable. Who wouldn’t want this stripy, little creature as a permanent addition to their arm?


10. Tiny Artwork

People often describe their tattoos as artwork, and this small design takes that idea pretty literally. If you have a favourite artist then why not dedicate your first tattoo to one of their masterpieces? This Van Gogh inspired tattoo is just one of so many possibilities!

Do you have any small tattoos? What are you planning on getting for your first tattoo? Tell us in the comments below!

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