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The Small Apartment Ideas To Make Your Space Seem Bigger

The Small Apartment Ideas To Make Your Space Seem Bigger

Take a peak at these small apartment ideas to make your space feel like it is double the size. Use your space to the max with storage solutions.

While some homes can be easily fixed with open floor plans, other spaces like studio apartments and small rooms still remain a challenge in the decorating department. We’ve already come up with tons of storage solutions for small spaces, but do you know how to make a small room seem bigger without doing renovations? The answer: Add mirrors. It’s a trick interior designers swear by, and it works like a charm. In fact, it’s probably the one thing you should splurge on when decorating a small area—not only does it double up the space, but it also gives the impression of double the furniture and accessories. These are some of the best small apartment ideas!

Fake It

In this cleverly designed walk-in closet by Amber Lewis, the back wall is entirely covered by a mirror—giving the impression of infinity in the space. The patterned runner extends all the way to the edge of the mirror, enhancing the continuity effect. While this can be a labor-intensive project, the end result is well worth the effort.


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Distract The Attention Elsewhere

Accessorize mirrors by leaning artwork in similar frames against it. The repetition of black frames will blur the lines of the mirror’s edges, making the reflection just another beautiful artwork to look at. By the same token, it’ll be harder to figure out where the mirror starts and the room begins, resulting in a larger-looking space.


Circling Mirror

We learned that above any other type of mirrors, the round mirror makes the greatest impact, and NYC-based design firm ASH is no stranger to the practice, having styled dozens of high-end real estate projects with these statement-making pieces. In fact, the round mirror is one of the firm}s signature design tricks. Try it for yourself—if New York developers swear by it, it must be effective.


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Go Full Out

The round mirror also works well to break up rectangular shapes, like in this hallway, where a console shelf is flanked by bookcases. The items on the console are reflected in the mirror, creating a layered effect. When it comes to choosing a round mirror, bigger is usually better, as it will reflect more light and space.


Trick Of The Eye

You might think this bathroom in a tiny Parisian apartment designed by Septembre Architecture leads to another room at the far end of the house, but the back wall is, in fact, a mirror—making the bathroom look twice as large and visually lengthening the whole apartment. To achieve this, choose a patterned tile to act as a trompe l’œil. This is a great trick to accentuate architectural features.



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Rule One: Only Reflect Beautiful Things

Have a stunning chandelier you’re dying to show off? Reflect it in a mirror, like Space Exploration cleverly did in this New York City space. If it’s positioned effectively in the room, it’ll appear as though there are two chandeliers, effectively doubling your investment. The most important rule to live by when decorating with mirrors is to ensure that what it’s reflecting is pleasant to look at. In other words, don’t let it reflect clutter, an unsightly TV, or a bad view. This is one of the best small apartment ideas!


Wall Of Mirrors…

Installing a mirror as a wall can enhance a small space. In this bathroom by Smart Design Studio, one was used to separate the shower stall, effectively doubling the space in appearance. Large wall-to-wall mirrors are excellent to achieve this effect. This also works well to maximize natural light in a small space that might otherwise feel a little dark. Take a look at these small apartment ideas!



Install A Backsplash

In the Atlanta Holiday Home, an antiqued mirror was installed as the kitchen back splash. This trick works fantastically in small galley kitchens, where they can make a space look twice as big. Want to achieve the same effect with a bookcase? Simply install mirrors in the back of your built-ins for small apartment ideas.


Some Useful Details By Orlando Soria:



Go sisal:


“Sisal or jute rugs tend to be a lot more affordable than most others, yet they still have a warm, high-end look that doesn’t compromise the style of your home.”

Look high, look low:

“I always tell clients to splurge on one item that’s really important to them and scrimp everywhere else. My splurge would be a distinctive piece of lighting or a coffee table, a centerpiece you’ll really notice. My scrimp would be on occasional chairs or seating you don’t use all the time.”



If you see something cheap/cool, snag it:

“Big-box bargain stores constantly have cool accessories and even furniture, but you have to grab it when you see it. The trend-based, seasonal items usually aren’t re-stocked once they’ve sold out, so if you snooze, you lose.”


Which of these small apartment ideas are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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