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10 Skincare Tips Your Favourite Celebrities Swear By

10 Skincare Tips Your Favourite Celebrities Swear By

10 Skincare Tips Your Favourite Celebrities Swear By

When it comes to our favourite celebrities, we are always wondering how their skin looks so good all the time! Whenever they post an Instagram picture, their comments are flooded with “Leak the Skincare Routine!!” Well, that’s what we’re here to do|! Here are 10 skincare tips that your favourite celebrities swear by! 

1. Margot Robbie Swears By Face Masks

Even though her life as an actress can get pretty hectic, Margot Robbie took the time to share her skincare tips! She loves a face mask, and always wears one while getting her hair done on set. Her favourites are the sheet masks by Skin111. With skin like hers, we’ll definitely be getting some! 

2. Camilla Cabello Loves To Exfoliate

We’ve always been jealous of pop queen Camilla’s gorgeous skin, so when she gave us her skincare tips we were so excited! She talked about how important it is to exfoliate. She does it daily, and always remembers to moisturise afterwards!


3. Ariana Grande Sometimes Forgets Eye Makeup

When she was dragged on Twitter back in February for posting a video of her in bed with leftover eye makeup on, Ariana defended herself from those reminding her to do her skincare, saying she’d just finished a La Mer Mask, and exfoliated. We get you, sis, we always forget to take off our mascara!

4. Kylie Loves Her Products

Since launching her own line of skincare products recently, Kylie Jenner has been full of skincare tips, sharing loads of videos of her using the new Kylie Skin range, and showing off her clear complexion! The line includes a scrub, oil, moisturiser, and more! 

5. Gigi Keeps it Simple with Toothpaste

Gigi Hadid is one of the worlds biggest models right now, so we were kinda expecting her to have a 50 step skincare regimen with loads of expensive products. Turns out her skincare tips are super lowkey. Whenever she gets a breakout, she uses toothpaste to dry out her spots. Luckily we already have this product to hand! 


6. Jhene Aiko is Serious about Skincare

After posting a gorgeous no-makeup selfie, Jhene replied to a fan’s comment about how good her skin looked, with all her skincare tips! She gets facials, laser treatment, and takes collagen pills, along with her everyday products! 

7. Victoria Beckham Follows A Strict Diet

Posh Spice has been a huge cultural icon since she joined the Spice Girls, and has been in the limelight non-stop. We’ve never seen here have a bad skin day, so we were super eager to hear her skincare tips. Turns out her diet plays a pretty huge role in her skin. She admits her skincare products are expensive, but also thanks her strict diet and healthy lifestyle for her glowing complexion. She also gets regular facials. 

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8. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Share Their Skincare

Our favourite couple on the planet just got even cuter! Chrissy admitted she isn’t too fussy about the actual products she uses, but just leaves them in the shower and her and John use whatever is there. Whatever they use is clearly working, because they always look glowing! She added that she takes better care of her skin when she travels, but has less time at home, so kind of gives up a little. We feel you, Chrissy. 

9. Angelina Jolie’s Dermatologist Tells All

Angelina Jolie has always been a girl crush of ours, so we were so excited to find out her skincare tips. She keeps it simple. Sunscreen, a mild cleanser, and lots of natural products without chemicals. And, of course, she stays hydrated! This is definitely paying off, because her skin looks amazing!

  1. Zendaya Has Her Perfect Routine

Zendaya has the dreamiest skin ever, and we were beyond happy when she shared a tweet detailing her exact routine! She listed the products she uses: african black soap, rose water, witch hazel, vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil. Everyone who rushed out to try it said it totally changed their skin, and most of the products are staples for influencers and celebrities alike! 


Hopefully, these celebrity skincare secrets help you live your best life! Let us know in the comments below!

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