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13 Skin Care Tips For Your Daily Routine

13 Skin Care Tips For Your Daily Routine

Daily stress and activities can be really harsh on your skin without you even realizing it. Try adding these 13 skin care tips to your daily beauty routine!

Life at university can be pretty stressful and unfortunately it often tells on your skin. So, before you head off to the Clinique counter, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t need to splash out on expensive creams and serums for a healthy complexion. Whether you’re struggling with acne, dryness, or dark circles, there are plenty of ways to combat your skin troubles without exhausting your bank balance. Start including these tips into your skin care routine, and your face will thank you for it!

1. Drink looooots of water

I cannot stress enough how important hydration is to maintain a radiant glow. No moisturizer will be able to save your skin if your not keeping your body hydrated from the inside. Aim for around 2 litres every day and watch as those pimples slowly disappear.

2. Moisturizing is key

It takes half a minute to do, but it’s surprising how often people neglect this part of their skin care regime. Not only will moisturizing combat early wrinkles, but it’ll also fight flakiness or dryness. What have you got to lose?


3. Catch some zzz’s

I’m sure you don’t need me to persuade you to spend some extra hours in bed, but you’d be surprised how often we deprive our bodies of sleep. 8-10 hours sleep is ideal to get rid of those dark circles.



4. De-stress your life

Taking an hour every day to relax works wonders for your skin. Why not try out yoga? Or else treat yourself to a nice bath. Whatever it is that calms you down, make sure to squeeze a bit of self-care into your schedule. You can thank me later.

5. Antioxidants are your best friend

It’s time to whip out the blueberries and green tea. Antioxidants are a great way to keep your skin clear and bright. Oh, and did I mention dark chocolate contains antioxidants too?



6. Stop using makeup wipes

I know they’re easy. I know they’re quick. But makeup wipes dry out the skin, which leads to roughness, dullness, and unwanted pimples. For a complexion-friendly alternative, try taking off your makeup using micellar water.


7. Treat yourself to a homemade facial

There are lots of natural ways to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. For those with acne, try using organic honey as a face mask for clearer skin. Rather dry? Coconut oil and mashed avocado are fantastic ways to nourish your face without splashing out on expensive products. Simply leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.




8. Cut back on the makeup

Letting your skin breathe a little will reduce clogged pores, which leads to less spots. Plus, spending less on makeup means there’s more for the wine fund (you didn’t hear that from me).

9. Make your own eye mask

Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time for a full 8 hours sleep, but never fear. For a quick eye brightener, take two slices of cucumber from the fridge and rest on your eyes for a few minutes. Ta-dah! It’s like those puffy dark circles were never there.


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10. Exercise

I can hear you groan, but hear me out. Not only does exercise release endorphins which help to boost your mood, but it also increases blood flow to the skin cells, which keeps them plump and firm. So get your sweat on!


11. Wash your face after the gym

To cool down, your body sweats, which unfortunately can clog pores and cause outbreaks. By simply cleansing with your favourite face wash after exercising, you can keep your skin spot-free.

12. Wear sun protection

As much as we all love the sun, it can be very damaging to the skin. To help prevent premature wrinkles, and more importantly, skin cancer, make sure to slap on the sun cream before sunbathing.


13. Get rid of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells can lead to a number of issues, including dry patches and clogged pores. Exfoliating once or twice a week will help to remove the dead cells and brighten the skin. Just don’t get carried away! Exfoliating too often can cause redness and soreness.

Do you have any skin care tips that should be a part of a daily routine!? Share in the comments below!

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