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5 Skateboarding Brands For Girls You Didn’t Know About

5 Skateboarding Brands For Girls You Didn’t Know About

These 5 skateboarding brands were born as a response to the disappointing lack of skate-inspired streetwear for females - check them out!

Mostly created by girls, these 5 skateboarding brands, we would love to share with you, were born as a response to the disappointing lack of skate-inspired streetwear for female but also as a response to different social problems. Some of them are really committing on supporting minorities and building communities, some others are committing to respecting the environment. Aren’t you curious to discover more about it?

1. Doyenne

Doyenne is a very interesting independent brand born in Glasgow, UK, that create ungendered clothes, accessories, and skateboards for everyone. But first of all, Doyenne is one of those skateboarding brands with unique purposes and ethics. Entirely created by women, it supports minorities including women, LGBT communities, people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth.

If you shop something made by Doyenne you can be sure that the profit of everything they sell, goes to different organizations that help minorities: a part goes specifically to CJF, a non-profit organization that uses skateboarding as a tool to stimulate positive personal and social development for underprivileged youth. Doyenne donations go to the realizations of The Luanda Skatepark Project which include not only the construction of the first skatepark in Luanda in Angola but also the provision of complementary boards and safety equipment. Another part goes instead of Visibility, a Scottish charity that supports people with blindness and vision loss. We simply love and estimate what they do and we should definitely give them a contribution for what they do, as long as they actually have very good and stylish stuff to sell!


2. Pieute

Pieute is an independent brand born in Edinburgh. We like them because, first of all, they have a lot of nice ungendered clothes and very nice bags you should definitely check out because they could be of the icon of this brand. Second, using local suppliers wherever possible, they are also supporting the creative community, and people with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties, that can use those things like the superpowers to create art. Moreover, everything they create is sustainable and ethically made and some bits are 100% recycled!! On the website, they talk about their brand saying “ We believe every person who is struggling financially in Scotland should have access to new basic clothing. It is our goal to make this a reality.” If you are around Edinburgh, go check the shop out in 19 Candlemaker Row!

3.  Brujas

On their super trash, pinky and stylish web site you can find out that Brujas is an NYC radical feminist collective of activists, skaters, musicians, healers, and hustlers founded by Arianna Gil in 2014. Is obvious that they start the clothes brand with the mission of express community through skateboarding. They describe their self as an urban, free-form, creative and autonomous organization that seeks to build a radical political coalition through youth culture. U should definitely have a look at the next Burjas events such as Art-making workshop “let’s make a mural” and have a read at the blog where they write moral arguments around shopping today. Check one of the best independent skateboarding brands out, and let us know what you think!

4. Nikita

Nikita is an iconic girls streetwear and outerwear brand born in California that brings style and rebellious confidence to girls from the streets to the mountains. It was created by girls, for girls as a response to the disappointing lack of skate-inspired streetwear for female. From their humble beginnings in the back of a skateboard shop in the late ’90s, the team of Nikita started with a single purpose: “to make clothes FOR GIRLS WHO RIDE” and this is what drives them  “til this day and into the future”.

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5. Meow Skateboards

Last but not least, Meow Skateboards! Founded in 2012 by top riders, Meow Skateboards is a new and very successful skateboard brand making great quality skateboards and supporting the world female skate scene. The small company is focused on having fun and spreading creativity, and the design of their boards perfectly represent these two things.

Our favorite deck is the “MEOW X SKATE LIKE A GIRL”: proceeds from this one will go to Skate Like a Girl, a non-profit inclusive community which promotes confidence, leadership, and social justice through skateboarding. Chapters in Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area host free lessons, camps, school-based skate enrichment, volunteer opportunities, and the annual Wheels of Fortune International Skateboarding Showcase. By purchasing this deck, you can support the vision of using skateboarding to empower young people, especially young women, to grow into strong, confident leaders who promote and implement social equity! What are you waiting for? Check it out!


These were our favorite skateboarding brands..comment below and share your favorites ones!

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