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10 Simple Yet Beautiful Tattoo Designs

10 Simple Yet Beautiful Tattoo Designs

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Check out our list of 10 simple, yet beautiful tattoo ideas to gain inspiration for your next one!

While being trendy and a gorgeous form of expression, tattoos are also a lifelong commitment and, for many people, not something you want to rush into. There’s an unlimited amount of creative designs you can get sketched onto your body and it can be hard to decide what to get, especially if it’s your first one. Hence, we have created this list of 10 simple yet beautiful tattoo ideas for you to gain inspiration from.

1. Flower

Flower tattoos are definitely one of the most popular for girls, but for good reason. They always look beautiful. But just because they are popular doesn’t mean they can’t be personal. You could get a design of your favourite flower or a relative’s favourite flower. Also, each month has a flower to symbolise one’s birth month. So, you could get what is sometimes referred to as a Birth Month Flower. If you don’t already know what yours is, it’s very easy to find out by a quick Google search.

2. Zodiac Sign

One of my personal favourite tattoo ideas is a zodiac sign. Each month has one and they are all very small and cute. They’re super special to every individual and have certain characteristics carried with them. Because they are so small they work on so many different parts of the body and are easy to conceal if you wanted to. Simply search online to find out your sign and read more about it.


3. Moon

A moon tattoo is a great idea, especially if you’re someone who loves night-time. No matter where you are in the world, you can appreciate the beauty of the moon and its many symbols and associations. Most commonly, the moon is related to nature, the duality of life and change. In Greek mythology, a moon is often paired with Diana, to represent her protection over children and childbirth. Its meaning can increase when paired with another symbol, such as a sun or wolf to represent the never-ending circle of life or power.

4. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is a beautiful Chinese symbol originating from a Chinese belief system called Taoism. It represents the idea that everything should be viewed as part of a whole, and that opposites are complementary forces that balance themselves out. All things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. For example, female-male, dark-light and old-young. Seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. They also may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

5. Monument Tattoo

Perfect for someone who loves travelling is a monument tattoo. If you ever visit somewhere that has a gorgeous or historic monument that speaks to you, a great way to celebrate that is by a tattoo. That way you will always carry with you the memory of your experience there. Common designs are the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty, but it doesn’t have to be a big, famous monument. You could get an unknown one you happened to stumble upon amongst your travels or one that has been near and dear to your heart since childhood.


6. A Date

Numbers are a lovely tattoo look and increasingly popular. You could get your birthday, someone who you are close to’s birthday, an anniversary or any date that holds meaning to you. A date is a great tattoo to share with someone else too (matching tattoos!). To be even more creative, you could get the date done in Roman Numerals.

7. Heart

Simple, yet meaningful. Show your love with a straightforward heart.

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8. Mountain

A little on the bigger side compared to the other tattoo ideas, but still effortlessly stunning. With all their height and grandeur, mountains have become a symbol for overcoming obstacles, detachment from worldly affairs, power, and a connection to nature. Getting a mountain could be a symbol of you overcoming something major in your life.

9. Lotus Flower

Aside from the fact that it looks so pretty as body art, a lotus flower also symbolises a number of things. It is even closely connected to several religions in the world, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. There’s much detailed reading into the lotus’ flower relationship with religion, but as a basic, the meaning comes from the way the flower grows. It starts off as a bud underwater, often in murky ponds, and grows until it emerges from the muddy waters in a beautiful blooming flower.

10. Birds

Bird tattoos are truly majestic. Mankind has always had a special connection to birds. They symbolize many human values, and we’ve even based ground-breaking inventions, like the aeroplane, on their body structure. As whole birds tend to represent freedom and movement, more specific breeds have different meanings. For example, doves are an image of love and peace.


Hopefully, you’ve gained some inspiration from these tattoo ideas and are now looking forward to getting your first, or new tattoo.

Take a liking to any of these tattoo ideas? Let us know which is your favourite in the comments!

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