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10 Simple Workouts You Can Do Whilst Sitting At Your Desk

10 Simple Workouts You Can Do Whilst Sitting At Your Desk

Want to do some simple workouts but don’t have the time, or just need an excuse to move, here are some workouts you can do whilst sitting at your desk.

Working out can be hard to do when you’re busy, especially when you work at a desk all day. When you want to try to get some exercises in or just need some simple stretches to do, here are ten simple workouts that are so easy, you can do them whilst sitting at your desk.

10 Simple Workouts You Can Do Whilst Sitting At Your Desk

1. Yoga at your desk-Yoga with Adriene

If you want to sneak in some yoga, this is the perfect workout to try. This simple workout will help you be more open and have a better posture when sitting down. Perfect if you sit down all day for work or studies.


2. Gentle Chair Yoga routine-Cara Kircher

If you want to do some yoga and have some more time on your hands, this is a great workout to try. You can also try this workout if you struggle with chronic pain too.

3. 8 Upper Body Stretches while sitting down to relax! with Emeline-Honeysuckle

If you have any tension in your upper body, this is one of the best simple workouts to try and help relive it. This workout is also great if you just want a way to relax at the end of a hard working day.

4. Easy 10 Minute workout you can do at you desk-SELF

If you need the excuse to stretch or workout at your desk, this is one of the best simple workouts to try. Some of these exercises require you to stretch out of your chair but it will be worth it to help you feel great.


5. The Easiest and Most Effective Thigh Workout-That You can do at your desk-Lucy Wyndham-Read

Whether you want to tone your thighs or just want to workout without anyone knowing, this is the perfect workout for you. This video is only a minute and a half long but you can do these exercises as much as you want and need.

6. 3 Chair Exercises you can do everyday-DoctorOz

This three simple exercises can be done at any time of the day when you need to move. These exercises are designed for those who sit at their desks all day so if that is something you are facing, then try this video.


10 Simple Workouts You Can Do Whilst Sitting At Your Desk

7. 12 Core Strengthening Exercises you can do in the office (without leaving your desk)-Tware

Back problems are a common problem that many of us face however this video will help you strengthen your core and help you with any back issues you may face. This simple workout can be done at any time when you’re sitting so why not try this video the next time you’re sitting down at your desk?

8. 6 Exercises for a Flat Belly that you can do in a chair-BRIGHT SIDE

If you want to reduce the fat off your belly or if you’re just looking for ways to lose weight during your desk job, this is a great simple workout to try. This can all be done whilst sitting in your desk, which is perfect for when you need a break from work.


9. Arm Exercises with weights while sitting at your desk: Useful Exercise Tips-eHowFitness

This workout is perfect if you’re looking to tone your arms but don’t have the time to do it at home. This workout will require you to use some weights but these are a great investment if you want stronger arms.

10. Work Out Your Abs While Sitting-Bowflex

Another great sitting workout that you help you tone your abs whilst sitting down. This workout shows you three simple exercises but these will help you stay fit whilst you are at your desk.

10 Simple Workouts You Can Do Whilst Sitting At Your Desk
Whether you want to be more active at your desk job or if you’re looking to improve certain parts of your body, these simple workouts will help you and your body will stronger and healthier. Are there any simple workouts that are not on the list, comment below.
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