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Simple Skincare Hacks For Problematic Skin

Simple Skincare Hacks For Problematic Skin

Chances are, at some point in our lives most of us will experience having bad skin. Some of us are unfortunate enough to hit the acne stage early on at 12/13 years old, some of us will have on and off blips of acne throughout our teen years, and others will be lucky enough to be spot-free throughout our teens and then get hit later on in our twenties. No matter your gender, skin type, ethnicity, etc, it can affect anyone and even if you are super clean and careful with your skin, unfortunately, it is often inevitable and unavoidable. However, there are plenty of products and tips and tricks out there that have been trialed and tested by many people that will help you improve your problematic skin. Here are just a few that have been proven to work, so if you are in need of some skincare hacks, give these a shot!

1. Always wash your face twice a day

I know what it’s like, you’ve been on a big night out and you’ve come home late at night (or should I say early in the morning?) and the last thing you want to do is take your make-up off. Well, if you care about your skin, you definitely should. It should be your absolute number one priority (maybe other than the obvious things like breathing and eating) to wash your face twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. Basic cleanliness is the foundation to having good skin. I’m not saying washing your face twice a day will clear up your skin, but it will certainly help. Don’t underestimate the importance of simply keeping your skin clean and allowing it to breathe and heal throughout the night.

2. Invest in some aloe vera gel or moisturiser

This probably sounds extremely basic, in fact, if you are used to using a cocktail of different harsh creams and gels you might be thinking “just aloe vera?”. Well, yes. Aloe vera is a fantastic natural healer that isn’t as harsh on your skin as all the extra added chemicals in those drugstore “visible difference in one week!” creams. Sticking to something more natural that won’t further agitate your skin can make a big difference. Aloe vera definitely isn’t the cheapest thing out there, but it is well worth investing in a good aloe vera product that has a high concentration of real aloe. Go for a moisturiser if you suffer from dry skin, or stick to a gel if you have combination or oily skin. Not only will the aloe help reduce redness and inflammation, but it also has antibacterial properties to help stop the bacteria from spreading and will also help to reduce scars left behind by any nasty spots.


3. Be consistent with your regimen

It can be really easy when you’re suffering with your skin to go out and buy a promising new product, try it a couple of times and think “it’s not helping” and throw it away and try a new product. However, you would be much better off sticking to that first product and holding out for at least a month or so to see whether it works. No matter how incredible these products claim to be, they will not ever work over night. It will take time and you will have to be patient. You are much more likely to find a product that works for your skin if you stick with something for a while rather than trying a new cream every week. So find a product that has good reviews and recommendations and stick with it for a while – consistency is everything when it comes to problematic skin.

4. Splash your face with cold water after washing

In the same way that you are told to wash your face with warm soapy water to open up your pores and clean them thoroughly, you should always finish off by rinsing your face a few times with cold water to close those pores back up. Getting the dirt and bacteria out of the pores is great, but there’s not much point if you’re then going to leave the pores wide open to get filled straight back up with more dirt and bacteria. It takes seconds and feels super refreshing – especially if your skin is inflamed and sore – so give it a go.

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5. Stick to two or three simple products

Sometimes you see these influencers on social media recommending an entire range of skincare, but the truth is, you don’t need the wash, scrub, exfoliator, cream wash, spot cream, all over cream, gel, and moisturiser. In actual fact, all you need is a face wash that isn’t too harsh and is ideal for skin type (do your research!) a natural exfoliator (such as St Ives) for use once a week, one type of cream and a good moisturiser (preferably aloe vera). One small selection of products are better for your skin than using a whirlwind of different chemicals. Find a few products and stick to them.

6. Change your towels and sheets regularly

A lot of people don’t think to do this but think about the things that you’re regularly putting your face on and consider making sure that they are really clean. Having a separate towel to dry your face on is a good start – just ensure you change it every few days for a clean one. Same goes for your bed sheets, you are rubbing your face all over your pillow case throughout the night, so ensure you change the sheets regularly to prevent the bacteria from spreading. Small changes like these definitely shouldn’t be underestimated!

So, no matter your skin type or how problematic it is, sticking to these six basic skincare tips could really make a difference – give them a go and see for yourself! Let us know in the comments below whether any of the above hacks have made a difference to your skin or if you have any tips of your own!

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