8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

Sometimes, you just want to play around with make-up. You might wish that you felt more comfortable with your own skills! Look no further for eight make-up hacks and facts that every beginner must know.

1. Primer

I cannot stress this one enough. Primer is essentially the glue that sticks all of your make-up to your face. It means that you’ll have longer wear, and that your facial cosmetics won’t look blotchy. Usually, a white cream, primer is super easy to buy and even easier to apply. Some people use brushes to apply it over their faces. Others just think of it like sunscreen!

8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

2. Concealer

Whether it be liquid or matte, concealer is really useful if you want to cover up dark shadows under your eyes, or pesky pimples that just won’t go away. You might want to look into colour correcting concealers, which target different features. For instance, green pigments reduce redness, whereas yellow will help you to get rid of your under-eye circles.  I’ll admit, I’ve had some shocking mismatched tones on my skin because my concealer is darker than my foundation. So, one of the most crucial makeup hacks here is to make sure that you match everything that goes on your face!

3. Beauty Blender

Have you ever seen those round, egg-shaped things lurking around your chemist? Those are beauty blenders. You can get these from some places at reasonable prices. Pretty much, you dab your little egg against your face until you blend your foundation and concealer (and whatever else you might be wearing) into your skin. This means that you won’t have greasy streaks on your face from applying your make-up with your fingers!

8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

4. Foundation

One of the most important makeup hacks you’ll encounter concerns foundation. It’s usually an awful feeling when your foundation doesn’t match your skin tone. Always make sure that the colour of your neck matches your face. If you’re self-conscious about this, dive into your local cosmetics store and ask them to match you up! This is a really efficient way to know that the foundation you are buying is the right one for you.

5. Brushes

If you do rely on your fingers to apply your make-up, you might be struggling a little bit with how well you apply things like blush and concealer. Brushes really make the application process easier, and are actually a lot more hygienic if you keep them clean. These come in all different sizes, but usually, they will be labelled. You don’t want to buy an eyeshadow brush when you’re having trouble applying powder!

8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

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6. Powder

Thought this is not the most important step, it helps you put the finishing touches on your look. I usually use a home-brand translucent powder to set my makeup, but you can get all kinds of powders to do the trick!

7. Blush

Try not to go overboard here. Blush is a great way to make sure that there is still life running through your veins. However, too much and you’ll look like you’re about to perform on stage. Also, be wary of glitter. A lot of blush compacts have glitter in them and a lot of the time this can look tacky. Usually, I sweep up and down my cheekbones to apply it.

8. Clean

Clean your brushes and beauty blenders! This is one of the most important makeup hacks you should know! Sometimes, your skin can actually suffer from all of the bacteria that accumulates on your brushes. So, soak them under cold water and clean them with makeup cleansers for the best result.

8 Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners

Did you find any of these makeup hacks helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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