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Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

Try these super simple daytime hairstyles to save yourself a ton of time getting ready in the morning and still look at cute as ever!

No one wants to spend hours perfecting an intricate hairstyle early in the morning before school, college or work. Daytime hairstyles really don’t have to be much of an effort and they certainly don’t have to be those fancy up-do’s you see people in the movies strolling around the office with. Give these simple hairstyle ideas a go and transform your daytime look easier than you could have imagined.

1. Half up, half down

SO. SIMPLE. Separate your hair around halfway up your head, roughly an inch above your ears and round to the back just under the crown of your hair. Tie with a simple hair band or with a cute scrunchie. If you want to jazz it up a bit, add a bow or ribbon around the hair band and tie it in colour-wise with your outfit! I love this look as it takes a matter of seconds and keeps your hair out of your face all day. It’s also a great one for the days you’re maybe pushing the limit on how long you can do between washes!

Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

2. Plait band

Another great one for those in-between hair wash days. As far as daytime hairstyles do, this one is probably the most effective compared to how incredibly easy it is! Take a chunk of hair from behind your ear and do a simple plait, tie it at the end with a small hair tie and place it over your head like a hair band with all the hair under it pushed back. Secure it with grips behind your other ear. Repeat again from the other side if you want to double plait look.

Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

3. Hairband

They’re really in right now and the easiest style in the world. Get yourself a couple of cute fabric hair bands, the ones with the knot at the top are everywhere at the moment, then wear it on top on hair tucked behind your ears. Pull a small chunk of hair from just above your ears to give it more of a relaxed look and ensure the lengths of your hair aren’t too crazy messy. This one is super cute if you have day-old curls that are past their best and the front of your hair could probably do with a wash. This looks also looks awesome with a bandana, get that 90’s look with ease!

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Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

4. Messy bun

The queen of all daytime hairstyles, the ultimate hairstyle for the lazy girl who still wants to look glam. The messy bun is business appropriate as well as casual brunch appropriate and it’s certainly great if you’re having a bad hair day. Brush the hair back into a ponytail and secure it, pull at the scraped back hair to give it a bit of volume and mess to it (too neat and you’ll end up looking like a ballerina or an air hostess). Take the lengths of your hair and twist until it naturally ravels itself into a ‘bun’ shape, secure with another hair tie or two until it’s pretty secure.  Like you did with the top pull at bits of hair to give your bun more volume and texture, then, take more hair grips and secure the bits of layer that are sticking out too much but remember, messy and ‘undone’ is the look we’re after here.

Simple Daytime Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

Daytime hairstyles can be so simple and literally take a matter without sacrificing the quality of the style, nor your overall look. Don’t slave away for hours over a daytime do get your hair sorted quickly so you can spend your time focusing on the more important things in life!

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