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15 Signs You’re Having A Quarter Life Crisis

15 Signs You’re Having A Quarter Life Crisis

15 Signs You're Having A Quarter Life Crisis

A quarter life crisis occurs around the time a person hits their 25th birthday; a time when they are transitioning from their early to late 20’s and are starting to question different elements of their life. This can be a challenging time and almost all young people will experience this concept at one point or another in different forms. Here are 15 of the main signs you too may be in the middle of having a quarter life crisis.

You Are Often Left Wondering Where Your Life Is Going

Many people that are in the midst of a quarter life crisis do not have a solid idea on what they are doing next. Perhaps you don’t know whether you should find a partner and plan having children or if you want to quit your job and travel the world. Maybe you are suddenly in two minds on whether to continue with your current job or to completely change your career while you feel it is still possible.

You Think About What You Have Actually Accomplished

It is increasingly common for you to wonder what you have actually achieved in your life. You might regret not taking chances and feel like you have not done enough in some way. It’s possible that you are having an existential crisis or you compare you’re achievements to other people’s and feel you have not accomplished as much.


There Are Things You Wish You Had Done Already

Maybe you feel like you should be on the property ladder by now or perhaps feel you should have already passed your driving test. Did you plan to leave that ‘temporary’ office job’ you started years ago before you got too settled and are still there? You might have wanted to travel the world but didn’t take the opportunity. People who are having a quarter life crisis often become increasingly aware of at least one thing they feel they should have done but never did.

You Feel That You Need To Behave Like An Adult

It might seem like you don’t have the same spark you once did and you have a newfound reluctance to make those irresponsible decisions you made without any hesitation when you were younger. Becoming more aware of what society thinks and how you need to behave as an adult can be a positive thing yet it is a sign you have become more aware of your age.

Your Life Has Hit A Standstill

At one point in your life, a few years ago, you might have made an impromptu decision to move to the other side of your hometown. Now you are procrastinating whether or not to apply for the new job you’re interested in for fear of unsettling your monotonous life. You’re now reluctant to make any new life changes for fear that it will set you back further.


Or You Might Have Made A Rather Dramatic Life Change

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might have made rather sudden changes for fear of being trapped in your monotonous life. Did you spontaneously leave your city recently or have you spent your savings on a car you cannot even drive yet? Similar to having a mid-life crisis, this is also one of the most common signs of a quarter life crisis.

You’re Questioning If You Have Already Hit The Peak Of Your Life

You wonder if you have already hit the peak of your life and the years to come will never compare to what once was. Often people find themselves reminiscing about the old days and how they long to turn back time because they took for granted the experiences that they were having. While this is common for people experiencing a quarter life crisis it can indicate pessimism about the future. Remember it is not too late to change the direction of your life.

You Notice You Are Interviewed By Employers Who Are Younger Than You

This distresses a lot of people, particularly those that want to progress in their profession. Even more so is when the person finds themselves frequently between jobs and are stuck in entry-level positions continuously while people in their early twenties are striving in their careers.


You Notice Celebrities Are Younger Or The Same Age As You… A LOT

You cannot believe that celebrities like Sam Smith, Halsey, Josh Hutcherson and Dua Lipa are YOUNGER than you. These people are at the prime of their careers while you’re still working as a waitress in the same dead end job you started as a teenager! This seriously bothers you and makes you question if you will ever be successful too.

You Know How Many Years You Are From The Next Pivotal Age Milestone

A lot of people experiencing a quarter life crisis know many months they are from their next birthday. Some people even go as far as keeping track of what they have accomplished at each age over the past few years.

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You’re More Aware of Age Brackets

Filling out surveys and forms you notice more recurrently that you are tied into the 25+ age bracket (or are getting close to this) rather than being 16 – 24 years old. Similarly, you notice that you are scrolling down further to find your the year you were born online. This represents one of the most acute signs of having a mid-life crisis, while this is in fact no big deal you cannot help but notice and feel affected by these little nuances.

You Have Vague Long Term Goals

Are you thinking about applying to grad-school this year to study something but you’re still undecided on what exactly? Do you want to travel and have plans to go somewhere non-specific in the near future? Maybe you want to do something more practical like save more money for no apparent reason or write that elusive book you have been meaning to get around to…

You’ve Started Lying About Your Age

Many people start being guilty of this when they’re transitioning into their mid twenties. While it is rather normal to not disclose you’re age, pretending to be 19 years old again when you are in fact in your mid-twenties is a sign that you are probably having a quarter life crisis.


You Wonder What Would Have Happened If You Had Done Certain Things Differently

Maybe you wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t gone to university. Would you have already gone to that country you have been thinking about so much lately? What if you had not have turned down that person a few years ago who you know is now married with a career? Likewise, it is common to feel that doing the opposite to what you are doing in the present seems more and more appealing.

You Always Dish Out Advice To People Younger Than You

Do you ever find yourself saying things along the lines of ‘If I could go back in time I would…’ or ‘If I were you’re age again…’ This reflects on an awareness of feeling you are in the same age bracket as these people anymore; sometimes you may forget that they may only be a couple of years younger than you! Yet, you suddenly feel you have missed out on opportunities that are still available to them.  This is a classic problem people face during a quarter life crisis.

Do any of these signs sound like you? Is so, the most important thing to remember is that most millennials are experiencing many of these signs or have at some point felt a similar way. Let us know in the comments section if you can relate and want to tell us about your quarter life crisis.
Featured Image Source: Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash