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10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboy

10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuckboy

What is a fuckboy you ask? Here are signs that you're dating a fuck boy if you're wondering exactly what does fuckboy mean. Here is your fuckboy definition!

In the jungle of the dating world, the fuckboys lurk in the darkness, with their adaptive nature and chameleon ability to blend in; they are the deadliest predator. To make matters worse, they are common AF- and I would know because I have been wrestling with a fuckboy for a year now, and have finally killed the beast (yay me.) Unfortunately the key to getting rid of fuckboys is to be able to indentify the telltale signs of ‘fuckboyism’ before they grab onto your heart like a leech and starting sucking the life out of you (I’m not bitter.) So here are some of the signs I have discovered:

1. Initiates a convo and then doesn’t respond.

He will say things like “we should hang out” but then doesn’t reply. Like… what the hell is with that?!

2. Randomly goes MIA from time to time.

He’ll disappear for days without you hearing from him, and when he finally resurfaces he offers no explanation, like it’s perfectly normal to just walk off the face of the earth for a couple days.


3. Gets annoyed when you bring up other girls.

He is obviously texting other girls and makes you feel guilty if you bring it up. (That is NOT OK!)

4. Keeps you off his social media.

He’s never initiated taking a picture with you, and he’s never posted one of you guys hanging out on his social media. And there isn’t anything wrong with you (I promise), it’s just that he doesn’t want his other ‘friends‘ to see.


5. Avoids awkward interactions with other girls when you’re around.

When you run into other girls when you’re out, he definitely doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend, and sometimes doesn’t introduce you at all.

6. Straight up ghosts you.

He asks for ‘time’ to think about you and him and then disappears. And to be brutally honest, he is most probably sleeping around and not giving a monkey’s about you.


7. His friends don’t seem to know who you are.

Which means, chances are slim he’s raving about you to them. Quick suggestion: ask him what your favourite colour is and watch him think.

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8. OR his friends all do know who you are.

But act like they know something you don’t– because they do: they know he’s seeing other people. And they probably know he is an idiot for doing that too, so don’t worry.


9. And therefore, those friends act sketchy around you.

One of the worst ones in my opinion, is when his friends avoid direct eye contact with you when there’s other girls flirting with him, and more than likely some of those girls are also hooking up with him. Which would indicate to me that their moral compass is also skewed.

10. Kick him to the curb!

When you meet a lovely guy who thinks the world of you and you realise that this fuckboy is not worth your breath!

Can you think of any more telltale fuckboy signs? Let us know in the comments!
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