10 Signs You’re Dating A Fuck Boy

Here’s 10 signs you’re dating a fuck boy. Fuck boys will come and they will go but at the end of the day they will always be fuck boys. Make sure you aren't falling victim to these dating catastrophes.

Fuck boys will come and they will go but at the end of the day they will always be fuck boys. Here’s 10 signs you’re dating a fuck boy.

1. He’s never present in the moment.

Does your man seem distant? That’s probably because he’s not interested in a thing you’re saying and he’s not interested in what you’re supposed to be doing.

2.  He doesn’t want to put a title on your relationship.

That’s because the word ‘comitment’ makes him want to run as far away as possible. You will be waiting a long time for that girlfriend label!



3. Public outings aren’t an occurrence.

Making up excuses like ‘I’m busy’ ‘I’m not feeling it’ means one thing, he doesn’t want to be seen with you! Sorry, but your man is a fuck boy and you’re just his side piece.

4. His phone is constantly going off when he’s with you.

This is a clear sign that you are not the only one and you have no idea how many other women he has going at the same time as you. Time to get rid!



5. No respect for his own Mum.

What kind of boy has no respect for his own Mother? A fuck boy! If he has no respect for the woman who gave birth to him and raised him, then he hasn’t got any respect for you.

6. ‘Netflix and chill’.

If these are the only plans he makes with you then he’s definitely a fuck boy and the chances are he’s using someone else’s Netflix account. How many other girls is he ‘Netflix and chill’ing with? You can guarantee it’s a few.



7. He guilt trips you into sending nudes.

Yes. This still happens. If he makes you feel guilty into sending him nudes then he is a fuck boy through and through and you need to get rid NOW.

8. He never calls you by your name.

Does he call you ‘babe’ or ‘baby’? That’s because he probably doesn’t remember your name. Or because he doesn’t want to risk calling you the wrong name. Sorry.




9.  All of his ex’s were ‘psychos’.

Sound familiar? The chances are his ex’s were not psychos, they just got wise to his fuck boy ways and left him. When you wise up and leave him, you’ll be another psycho in his list of ex’s he’ll reel off to his next victim.

10. Your friends tell you he’s a fuck boy.

Listen, you got to listen to those girl friends of yours because they are probably right. You can smell fuck boys a mile off when you’re looking in from the outside. Take their advice and leave that guy in 2017.


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