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10 Signs You’re Becoming a Fitness Freak

10 Signs You’re Becoming a Fitness Freak

10 Signs You're Becoming a Fitness Freak

Don’t worry! Being a fitness freak isn’t a disease or any serious illness! Nothing like that! It simply means you enjoy working out and you can’t stop thinking about the next you hit the gym. It may not be too obvious, though. But I can bet if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of us – you’re a fitness freak! Welcome to la familia!

1. You Own More Sportswear Than Regular Clothing

Check your wardrobe now! What can you see? Sports bras? Gym leggings? Sports shoes? I even dare say you enjoy wearing sportswear more than you enjoy wearing dresses and heels, and you don’t need to try clothes on because you measure yourself frequently and know your size by heart.

2. Your Phone Is Filled With Workout Playlists

You need good music to workout to – whether it’s a run, weightlifting or HIIT workout!  And you probably have multiple playlists reserved for different workouts – we all know there is no way we can jam to the same songs on leg day and upper body sesh! Not to mention cardio!


3. If You Aren’t Sore After A Workout, You Workout Harder Next Time

You fitness freak, don’t hide the fact that you check the level of soreness of your muscles day after your workout! We all know that and we all do that! By all means, this is a pleasant kind of soreness and we all know what that means – muscle growth!

4. You Count Your Proteins, Carbs And Healthy Fats

I can’t stress enough how important nutrition is – for your body, mind and your muscles! Whether you’re getting bulky or trying to shred some fat or maybe maintaining what you’ve built so far – nutrition is key! You know, 70% nutrition and 30% gym!

5. A Water Bottle Is A Necessity

Water is so crucial! And you should know whether you work out or not! Drinking water and staying hydrated totally depends on a person and his needs, however, we all need water to properly function – keep that in mind! Spread the news, my fitness freak!


6. Less Talking More Doing

If you don’t necessarily enjoy talking to people in the gym but rather prefer to focus on your work out and talk afterward, if this sounds familiar, you are a fitness freak! You focus your attention on growing muscles and improving mind rather than talk and do nothing!

7. You Follow Mostly Fitness Freaks On Instagram

I’m sure you know this feeling when you’re scrolling through Instagram and notice an exercise you’ve never performed before or you’ve always wanted to try! So what do you do? You save that video for later, am I right? getting gym inspo from Instagram 24/7!

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8. Supplementation Is Key

What do you supplement? Proteins? – probably! Aminos? – only if you’re really into fitness! I bet you spend quite a lot on supplements, aren’t you? I’m sure you’re aware of this but just as a reminder – supplements help but they don’t grow your muscles overnight! It’s the hard work you put in!

9. Gym Is Your Second Home

This moment when you’re heading to the gym as if you were about to go to the so long awaited party! unreal! And I bet you go to the gym at least 5 times a week? You must be a fitness freak if a gym makes you feel like you’re home!

10. No More Selfies

Having more photos of your body rather than selfies isn’t anything groundbreaking if you’re a fitness freak! Constantly checking your progress, flexing to get the perfect shot – oh this must be love! And indeed, love yourself the way you are!

Are you a fitness freak? What does a fitness freak do in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.
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