10 Signs You’re About To Be A Fresher

From having Pinterest boards full of flat decor to the excitement of Fresher's Week, these are the 10 signs you're about to be a fresher!

If you’re not from the UK, you may not be too familiar with the term fresher. Essentially, it means you’re about to start your first year of university and adulthood is dangerously around the corner. If you’re about to be a fresher, you’ll definitely relate to these. Here are 10 signs you’re about to be a fresher!!

10 signs you're about to be a fresher!!

1. You’ve become an expert in interior decor

You have at least 3 Pinterest boards all dedicated to your future dorm room, full of cozy blankets, fairy lights and numerous pillows. There’s some colour scheme going on that no one is allowed to mess with and you’ve probably watched a dozen of DIY videos to make your room look more tumblr like.

2. You now have a thousand new friends

Between Facebook groups, Snapchat and Instagram, you now have a thousand of new friends and are constantly being bombarded with notifications. While it may be a bit overwhelming, uni is the ideal time to meet new people and make friends for life, so embrace it!

10 signs you're about to be a fresher!!

3. You’re suddenly considering doing things you never though you would

Not the most sporty person but considering waking up at 6 am everyday to go to the gym at uni? Yeah, that’s not happening.

4. You can’t wait for Fresher’s Week

You’ve probably already chosen a few events you want to attend and prepared cute outfits for each of them. You’re ready to just arrive, settle in and have a great time!

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5. You’ve been shopping/packing for what it feels like ages

Despite shopping all summer long, you still have a list of things you need to buy and bags still unpacked.

10 signs you're about to be a fresher!!

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6. It seems like everyone only wants to talk about uni now

Ever since you got accepted it seems like everyone and their mother wants to ask you how you’re feeling about uni and give you their precious advice. Just try to be nice and don’t yawn too loudly when your postman dives into a monologue on how university was the best time of his life.

7. Flatmates

Whether you’re in a catered or self-catered accommodation, you’ll probably have to share your home with other people. Which means you have your fingers crossed that they are nice people who respect your nap time and don’t blast Drake at 2 am (#NotCool).

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8. You suddenly have way too much responsibilities and are still learning how to deal with them

Remember what I said about adulthood? University isn’t just about Fresher’s Week and going to lectures. You’re now the main responsible for yourself, which means you need to take care of a lot of things before uni, such as bank accounts, deposits, and vaccines.

9. You’re feeling nostalgic about leaving home already

Suddenly, you start noticing all the little details about your home town and appreciating it in a way you never did before. You’re feeling a bit nostalgic and trying to make the most of the time you spend with your friends and family. Also, your parents may start hugging you a bit tighter and saying how grown up you are more often.

10 signs you're about to be a fresher!!

10. You’re eager, but also dreading university

Despite everything, university is a big change. A new chapter of your life is beginning and everything will be different now. It’s perfectly understandable to be a bit scared, just don’t let it hold you back. After all, these will be the best years of your life!

10 signs you're about to be a fresher!!

Do you have any other signs you’re about to be a fresher!? Share in the comments below!

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