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10 Signs You’re A True Capricorn

10 Signs You’re A True Capricorn

Capricorn, known as the goat of the zodiac is the 10th astrological sign! Capricorns are strong-headed, goal-oriented and successful individuals.

Capricorn, which is the symbol of a goat is the 10th astrological sign of the zodiac. People born during 22 December and 19 January are said to be Capricorns and are tough to crack. Here are 10 signs that prove you’re a true blue Capricorn!

1. Realist

Firstly, being an Earth sign, Capricorns tend to be grounded and realistic with their goals. Their goals are not over-the-top and are actually achievable. They see things as they are and hate the feeling of being blindsided by something.

2. Workaholic

Capricorns are one of the hardest workers of the zodiac! They are extremely ambitious and put work before everything else including relationships and love. Capricorns are highly critical of themselves and hence have a relatively high standard of work. Looking for a new trainee? Hire a hardworking Capricorn!


3. Not risk takers

Capricorns are planners and try their best to avoid taking risks. They prefer regime schedules compared to spontaneous ones. Capricorns often do not like change and would rather do the same thing over again because they are comfortable doing it. But hey, sometimes in life you have to take risks right?

4. Loyal

Capricorns are very loyal friends, colleagues and partners and will stand up for those who matter to them. However, if they feel like you are wasting their time, a Capricorn will not hesitate to drop you.

5. Expect the worst

Pessimistic would be a good word to describe Capricorn’s outlook on things. Although they strive for the best version of themselves, they see the bad things before the good. This makes them consider all options before diving into something!


6. Shy

Contrary to popular belief, Capricorns are actually really shy people. They would rather stay at home and catch up on their favourite TV show than go out for a night of partying. Capricorns do like being recognised for their efforts but do not aim to be in the lime light.

7. Sarcasm on point

Do not try sarcasm with the king and queens of sarcasm. Capricorns are one of the funniest zodiac, although half of their jokes are sarcastic remarks with a tinge of dark humour. Don’t ask Capricorns stupid questions, don’t make them repeat themselves of you will get a dose of their sarcasm game which is 10/10.

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8. Unforgiving & Vengeful

You do not really want to get in the bad books of a Capricorn. Capricorns find it hard to forgive people, hence making them seemingly unforgiving and heartless. They are set in their ways and feel that rules should be followed closely. If a Capricorn forgives you, don’t expect them to forget what happened. Capricorns are easily jealous and this makes them vengeful when they feel threatened.

9. They love $$$

No, Capricorns are not materialistic, they’re just financial planners and know exactly where and what their money is being spent on. Their goal in life is financial stability and hate depending on other people. They are good at saving money and would prefer to save than to splurge their hard earned money.

10. Sensitive

Although it may not seem like it, Capricorns are one of the most sensitive of the whole zodiac. They are deep people and are very much in touch with their inner emotions. They cry during sad movies and during happy movies. Capricorns are empathetic to others and always feel the need to help “fix” others.


That sums Capricorns up, tough on the outside and soft on the inside. Getting to know a Capricorn may not be the easiest but once you do, you will never regret!

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