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8 Signs You’re A Fashion Uni Grad

8 Signs You’re A Fashion Uni Grad

If you're a fashion uni grad then you can probably relate to a lot of the signs that we have listed here. What's your opinion, fashionistas?

There’s something about being a fashion university graduated that seems to single you out in a crowd. Especially if you’re not in London, Manchester or Brighton. Here are 8 Fashion Uni Grad signs that make you stick out like a sore thumb, not that it’s a bad thing.

1. You wear the latest trends in the places they’re least expected

If you’ve graduated with a fashion related university degree then every trip outside is treated like the outdoors is fashion week and at any second there could be a photographer lurking and ready to take your picture. It may only be a quick run to the supermarket but you’ve gone in a leopard print midi skirt with a large sweatshirt thrown over the top, accompanied by big sunglasses and thigh high boots. And it’s only once you arrive that you realize you may be a tad overdressed.

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2. You go to WHSmith to buy Vogue and come out with Vogue, iD, Love and miscellaneous other magazines

In my first year, the motto of ‘the more magazine issues bought each month the better’ was thrust upon me, so much so that it is impossible to go to WHSmith now without leaving with at least four or five issues of different magazines even if I only went in for one specific magazine. This is one of the tell tale signs you graduated with a fashion degree.

8 Signs You're A Fashion Uni Grad

3. You can tell who your fellow fashion grads are by their clothing choices

It’s possible to tell fellow students in the street by the fact that they’re carrying a laptop bag and usually dressed in some sort of hoody and jeans. But if you’re a fashion uni grad you can always zone in on your fellow from a mile away. It’s usually the clothes that point it out, but the coffee cup and the way they hold their bag is also a huge giveaway.

4. You’re never, ever happy with your outfit choice no matter how many times you change

You know you’re a fashion uni grad when you step one foot out of the house and realise that you really hate your outfit choice today. It doesn’t matter how many times you change, there’s always one thing wrong with what you’ve chosen to wear and usually no way to fix it without running home and changing all over again. We will never, ever be happy with the first, second, or hundredth outfit we change into and that’ll probably never change.

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5. You always try and replicate Pinterest outfits with what’s in your wardrobe and it never goes to plan

There’s something about the outfits on Pinterest that make fashion grads go weak at the knees, but when we try and replicate that outfit the next day, well, it’s never looks as good. Usually it’s down to the fact that the clothes in our wardrobe are not exactly the same as the ones on Pinterest but if you’re a fashion uni grad you know nothing will stop you from trying to create the look.

6. You’re constantly looking forward to the day you can afford a 2.55 Chanel bag

Everyday I wake up, I’m dreaming of that day I’ll be able to purchase that classic Chanel bag. And I like to believe that I’m not the only one. The 2.55 is when us fashion grads know we’ve reached it, the front row, it-girl with the Chanel bag that everyone wants. When that day comes, it’ll be that best day of our lives and anyone who graduated from a fashion related course knows it.

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8 Signs You're A Fashion Uni Grad

7. Your fellow fashion friend is always dressed better than you and you’ve learnt to expect it and respect it

It’s like some kind of curse. No matter, what you where, you could be head to toe in the latest Gucci, but your fashionista bestie will always look better than you. And not only that, but they’re probably wearing jeans and white tee but they still look better than you. Most of the time, you can never put your finger on exactly what it is that makes them look so well dressed, but you know you’re a fashion grad when you expect it.

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8. The Devil Wears Prada provided more preparation for the fashion industry than your course did

You watched The Devil Wears Prada the day before you started your internship and even though everyone is really nice when you get there, you know that they’re just holding back they’re dragon lady persona. And most of the time, you’re right. Not one of your professors prepared you for it but you’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie so you’re ready for what comes next. Every fashion graduates knows to thank God for TDWP.

8 Signs You're A Fashion Uni Grad

Any other signs you can think of if you’re a fashion uni grad? Leave it below.
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