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10 Signs You’re A Commuter Student

10 Signs You’re A Commuter Student

10 Signs You're A Commuter Student

Being a commuter student is complicated but it can be very rewarding. Making the decision to stay at home instead of move into uni accommodation is a big one. For the most part, there’s no difference between living with your parents and living on campus but there are definitely signs that you’re a commuter student.

1. You often show up to 9am lectures or workshops looking a bit of a mess.

It’s not worth getting up early to wash your hair or pick out nice clothes when you have to leave the house so much sooner than everyone else. Some people may show up with a full face of make-up but they also live on campus and can just roll out of bed and into the lecture hall if they want to.

2) Your travel flask of coffee will only be lukewarm by the time you get to your 9am.

You made your drink, took one gulp, and then had to drive in. Now you’ve finally sat down and have time to drink it and you can’t really enjoy it. You still need that caffeine hit though so you’ll drink the lukewarm excuse for a drink.


3) The library is your second home.

Two hours to spare between lectures? You can’t nip home like your coursemates do so you grab a meal deal (the unsung hero of uni life) and head to the library to get a head start on assessments that aren’t due for another three months. Three months later and you’re still in your regular seat, reading through that essay for the millionth time. But at least you didn’t leave everything until the last minute.

4) Your social life is lacking

Probably because you spend all of your breaks in the library instead of hanging out with housemates. And nights out are a pain – more often than not, you don’t bother. You tell yourself that nights in are just as good.

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5) You know the importance of having a friend who lets you sleep on their sofa.

That’s the only way you can have one of those infrequent nights out as a commuter student. You can sleep anywhere once you’ve slept on uni accommodation sofas. You also know what it’s like to meet a friend’s housemate for the first time while you’re in your pyjamas.

6) You know where all the free parking is.

It may be a small stretch of road a mile away from campus. There may only be three spaces that you have to fight over with the same people each day – they’re probably commuter students, too. You may have to arrive stupidly early to secure your space but it’s free so you’ll do it. And if there’s no space? Well, you know where the cheapest car parks are too. 


7) You dread that day that you’re only in uni for one hour.

You have to spend more time travelling than learning and you can guarantee that hour will be a useless seminar with that lecturer you hate. You drag yourself in because your attendance is low and it’s not worth the hassle. You wish they’d consider commuters when making the timetables though.

8) You have to make your lunch in the morning.

Otherwise, you’ll spend a fortune on food over the course of the week. Who wants to be making a sandwich when you should just be making toast and coffee?

9) You can’t be bothered to cook when you get home late.

Your lecture finished at 6pm and it’s practically 7 by the time you get home. It’s too late to start making a pasta bake so beans on toast it is! Who cares if that’s the third time in a week?

10) Your parents drive you crazy.

You love them but now you’ve been living with them for 20 years, you’ve had enough. It’s time to flee the nest. You’re happy to be saving on rent and food shopping but you’ve got to a point where you’d happily pay all that for a little space of your own.

But you love it all really. Life as a commuter student can be tough but your grades and your bank account look so much better for it!

Are you a commuter student? What other signs are there? Comment below!
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