15 Signs Your Relationship Is Probably Over

Lets face it, breaking up sucks. But realizing your relationship is over prevents you wasting time in something and someone that you’d be happier without, and allows you to start the recovery process, and trust me, you’ll be grateful you ended it once you realize how unhappy you truly were.

Here are 15 signs your relationship is probably over.

1. You’ve Stopped Making An Effort

Making an effort for your partner is incredibly important, think back to when you first started dating where you would get a fresh haircut for date night or wore your sexy lingerie spontaneously.


This is not to be confused with being comfortable – who cares if you haven’t shaved your legs in a week, constant upkeep is tiring! But making an effort is about going out of your way to show your partner you’re still into them and want to keep your relationship exciting.

2.  You’re Constantly One-Upping Each Other

If you’re both competitive people, its likely that you fell for each others passion ad drive. But after a while you might start competing with each other. Your desire to constantly win, even over the pettiest of arguments, can create a bad habit and get you into a big hole – one that you may not be able to get out of.

3. You’re Bored

Boredom can be inevitable in long relationships, however if you’re no longer trying to spice things up, then you’ve given up trying. Being with someone that inspires you keeps relationships strong. If either one of you are completely bored your relationship is over.


4. You’re No Longer Having Sex

Intimacy is very important in a relationship and no longer sharing this with your partner is likely to leave you and your partner frustrated. A lack in sex life – where it used to be buzzing is a sign you’re lacking in something, whether trust has been broken, or you just no longer find each other sexually attractive, not having sex is a red flag.

5. You No Longer Take Time Out For Each Other

Time spent together in a relationship is crucial. setting time apart just for each other shows you like each others company and gives an opportunity for communication. Once you’ve stopped taking time out for each other it shows you don’t really care about one another.

Don’t get me wrong, holidays and fancy restaurants can be expensive, but if you cant spare an hour for simple walk around the park your relationship is over.


6. You Have No Interest In Their Life And Vice Versa

Taking an interest in each other shows you care to the other person, but also to your self. if you literally don’t care whether your boo is unhappy at work and wants to quit to focus on their art, then you’re both wasting your time.

7. You Never Go Away Together

Its healthy to take time away from your significant other to go on a girls trip or boys getaway but if you’re abroad and can’t imagine your other half being there then its likely you have no interest in creating beautiful memories together. Going away together can be a way to bond on a new level and learn new things about each other.

8. You’re Constantly Questioning Your Relationship

Constantly questioning your relationship is a red flag that you are no longer happy and there is something missing. If you’re always questioning everything lets face it your relationship is over.


9. Trust Is Gone

Betrayal can be a massive deal breaker for some couples. If one of you have betrayed the other, whether it be cheating, lying or general deceit, it can be near impossible to recover from.

If you’re serious about your relationship its possible to work together to rebuild trust, but if this lack of trust has triggered jealousy and animosity between you it might be a good idea to hand in the towel.

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10. They’re Holding You Back

Growth is inevitable and necessary in relationship and in individuals. If you or your partner don’t want to allow growth then you seriously need to consider your/their intentions. Encouraging your partner to grow, shouldn’t spark jealousy or resentment, and if it does you shouldn’t be together.

11. You’re Constantly Trying To Change Each Other

Its important to remember the reason why you decided to be with this person. If you’re always trying to change each other you’ve completely lost sight of this. If you no longer want to be with this person, perhaps you never really did and its what they had potential to be rather than who they are. Its good to encourage a person to grow but trying to change a persons character is dangerous territory.

12. You’re Lacking In Affection

Do you get excited when you see each other after a while? Are you still holding hands when going on walks? Do you miss your partner when they’ve gone away?


These questions are vital when considering whether there is still affection in your relationship. The little things matter, and stuff like saying i love you, and still giving each other kisses on the cheek in public show your partner that you’re still interested and you love them. If this is missing in your relationship, unfortunately its probably over.

13. You’re just Not happy

Your own happiness is equally important as your partners happiness in relationships. if your relationship no longer excites you and you don’t feel good about your relationship you’re basically just wasting your time. fear of regretting and letting the other person down is incredibly daunting but if you’re not happy that’s bound to rub of on your partner, so why waste your time being miserable?

14. You Cant See A Future

The inability to see a future with your partner is frustrating. Especially if you’re a young couple and want to focus on the now – that’s great. But if you have no interest in having a future with your partner its likely you just don’t take them seriously, and most probably don’t want to commit to something long term.


15. You’re Always Picking A Fight

Always starting arguments is a a sure sign of the end of a relationship. This shows you’re irritated or have a dire need for attention – negative or positive, and its just not worth it. Deconstruct whether your argument is actually for a true reason, or are you just trying to argue for the sake of it? This can be a clear sign your relationship is over.

Discovering your relationship is over can be tough- Let us know how your dealt with your break-ups in the comments below!

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